Photographer: Beware ImageRights International

Notable American photographer Kalliope Amorphous has published a warning to other photographers who are considering protecting their copyright using ImageRights International. She accuses the company of an “egregious grab” that forces photographers to use the company’s legal services.

Surprise! Holding a Camera to Your Face is Not Good in a Car Crash

Who would’ve guessed it? Holding a camera up to your face during a car crashcan be quite hazardous to your health. New research by the University of Southern California and theInternational Cinematographer Guildhas shed new light on the dangers posed by cameras in “free driving” situations.

Photographers: Beware Violent Antifa Protestors

This past Sunday, I photographed the “Rally against Hate” protests in Berkeley, California, which was organized to oppose a “Say No To Marxism” rally that had been planned. There was very little representation of the so-called alt-right at the park on Sunday.

This is How Shooting the Sun Can Melt Your Camera

Planning to photograph the upcoming solar eclipse? You’d better make sure you have the right solar filter to protect your camera. Here’s a 2-minute video that shows how shooting the sun without protection can completely melt your DSLR’s guts.

I Fell Victim to a $1,500 Used Camera Lens Scam on Amazon

Ive been ordering used lenses for years and have never had a problem with any purchases. That is, until now. I recently ordered a $1,500 used camera lens from Amazon. The lens never showed up, and Amazon is refusing to return my money because they claim the tracking number shows that it was delivered to […]

Male Photographers, Please Dont Be THAT Guy

On the second day of an amazing photography expo and convention, I was sharing lunch with a new friend and chatting about our upcoming photo shoot. Suddenly, we were interrupted with an onslaught of oh baby, thats it, you got it, baby girl, give me that pout, and the most awesome of them all: I […]

TODAY Show Demonstrates Why Train Track Photography is So Dangerous

At least once per month, we hear about someone elsea photographer, photo shoot subject, sometimes just kids messing aroundwho was struck and killed while taking pictures on train tracks. And this weekend, the TODAY show demonstrated how these massive machines are able to “sneak up” on people. We published our latest story of a train […]

Model Dangled Off 1,000ft Skyscraper for Reckless Photo Shoot

Russian model Viktoria Odintsova is being harshly criticized online for a photo shoot she did that involved handling by one arm from the edge of a 1,000-foot-tall skyscraper in Dubai… with apparently no permission and no safety equipment.

This Can Tell You if Your Canon 50mm f/1.8 II is a Fake

It’s not just memory cards that are widely counterfeited in the photo industry: there are plenty of fake cameras and lenses floating around as well. Now Canon wants you to know about a quick and easy way to see if your 50mm f/1.

My Camera Got Stolen From My Car and Insurance Didnt Cover It

Dear photography community, I am writing this blog post to warn you from an experience I had in getting my camera stolen from a car, and then finding that my insurance refused to cover it. We live in a modern age with crazy technology — our cameras are proof of that. And so is the […]

I Almost Lost a Nikon D850 to a Scam on eBay

This is the story of how I recently almost lost a Nikon D850 DSLR to a scam on eBay. Scammers are now targeting higher value eBay sales with fake PayPal phishing emails. When it comes to buying and selling goods and services on the Internet today, the options are endless. The market that was once […]

How NOT to be a Photographer: The Case of Tony Le-Britton

If you’re in a photography-related industry, I would highly recommend that you avoid working with photographer Tony Le-Britton, unless you would like to work with someone who has used other peoples images as his own, and would like to potentially be paid in eternal excuses. The short version of the story is: Tony has been […]

Beware This New Free Drone Scam on Instagram

Beware. There’s a new scam on Instagram that preys on people who would like a free camera drone. I was messaged by a scam account, and here’s how it works. The account that messaged me was @birdviewdrones.

This is What a Bad Reviews Extortion Scam Looks Like

Photographers have been targeted by a new “bad reviews” extortion scam in recent times. Here’s a look at what it’s like to be targeted by this type of nasty scam. Dallas, Texas-based wedding DJ Kelly Hooper-Taylor shared an iPhone Messages screenshot from a photographer who was contacted by someone demanding money and threatening to leave […]

When an Email Scammer Poses as a Famous Photographer

Forget Nigerian princes: email scammers are now pretending to be famous photographers looking for collaborators. Photographer Michael Glenn just received an email from someone claiming to be the well-known American photographer Jill Greenberg.

iOS Apps Can Secretly Shoot Photos if Given Camera Permissions

Have you ever considered that your iPhone might be watching you?Felix Krause, a developer at Google, says he has found that iPhone apps could theoretically spy on you if given camera permissions. With an app published on GitHub, Krause illustrated how it’s possible for a malicious app to photograph you at its leisure without you […]

Beware the Scam of Vanity Galleries, Photographer Warns

If your dream as a photographer has always been to have your work exhibited in a big city gallery, you might want to be aware of “vanity galleries.” Here’s a 6-minute video in which photographer Mathieu Stern warns this type of gallery, which he calls a “scam.” Stern was recently contacted by a gallery in […]

Photographers, Beware These Fake Gig Scam Emails

Some of you are familiar with the Family Reunion scam email that floated around a couple of years ago. Well, I recently received an email and after some digging, I wasnt the only one to have received it.

Scammers Are Using Venmo to Steal Pricey Camera Gear

If you ever need to sell pricey camera equipment — or anything else, for that matter — stay away from buyers who want to pay you using the popular mobile payment service Venmo. A scammer in Los Angeles has reportedly bilked multiple people of up to $100,000 in camera gear in just two weeks. The […]

Photographers, Register Your D*mn Copyright

Photographer Max Dubler struck a nerve last week with an article documenting the theft of one of his downhill skateboarding images. After finding a skateboard brand using one of his photos without authorization, he did as he always does: he contacted the offending party and requested a payment of $25 for social media usage. Dublers […]

PSA: Fotodioxs Nikon to Sony Adapter Could Kill Your Camera

Fotodiox sells a wide range of adapters for using lenses and cameras of different mounts, but one particular adapter is causing a major headache for both photographers and the company. At least two photographers are claiming that their Sony mirrorless camera was ruined by the Fotodiox Fusion SmartAF Nikon to Sony adapter. The adapter in […]