This Camera Inside a Water Bucket Got Unusual Views of Animals Drinking

The folks over at The Field Lab decided to put a camera at the bottom of a bucket and shoot a underwater view of what it looks like when different animals stop by for a drink. The camera caught bees, birds, a squirrel, chickens, a donkey, and a steer named Ben. “Everybody loves water in […]

Photographing an Upside-Down World Underwater

As the years pass by, our children use the pool less and less. I needed to compensate. I have always had a fascination for concepts that make it difficult to tell up from down or make sense of gravity.


I Captured The Beauty Of A Split Second

I got hundreds of balloons, Water , arrows, an Archer, a rope and a couple of stands this is the result. I tried to capture the split second moment when an arrow crosses a water filled balloon.  What do you think of the Result?

I Documented Daily Lives Of Afar People

There are 3 million Afar people spread across 3 countries in the Horn of Africa: Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. In the northeast of Ethiopia, in the area of Semera, i met Afar children who are happy to go to school.

Photos of Ballet Dancers Under the Sea

Liquid Dreams is a new personal photo project by Italian photographer Adolfo Maciocco, who shot beautiful upside-down photos of a classical ballet dancer underwater in the sea. Maciocco, who specializes in both wedding and underwater photographer, decided to leave the controlled pooled environments in which he usually works and shoot the photos in the crystal […]


I Shot The Tree Beings

The tree is a perennial woody plant that most commonly grows from a self-sustaining trunk which then branches, there are about 400 billion trees on Earth, about 61 per person, as one definition says.