How to Export Images With Watermarks in Capture One Pro 11

Lots of photographer who need to export their images with watermarks don't really know how to do that in Capture One Pro 11. This will clear up the confusion. You see, Capture One used to have the watermarking feature built into the most common way to export images, which is by going to file, then export, then variants.


Imatag Uses Invisible Watermarks to Protect Your Photos

Imatag is a new service that uses invisible watermarks to protect photographs from copyright infringement. With the development of AI technology that can easily remove physical watermarks, more covert solutions could be a solution for photographers looking to identify and prove ownership of copied images online.


Shutterstock’s Randomized Watermark Protects Photos from Google’s AI

Google recently published a paper showing how easy it is for a computer to detect an identical watermark from a large collection of photos and then cleanly remove that watermark from each photo. Shutterstock has responded to Google’s AI by developing a new randomized watermark that counters it.