This Mesmerizing 7 Minute Video Was Created from Just 7 Wave Photos

Using a fancy algorithm isn’t the only way to turn a photograph into a “video.” As Armand Dijcks shows in his captivating video Infinite Now, all you need is the Puppet Warp tool in Adobe After Effects and some incredible imagery by someone like Ray Collins. Believe it or not, Infinite Now is made up […]

Waves Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Waves rise and crash pretty fast so we don't have the time to experience their raw beauty unless someone 'freezes' it. Photographer Ray Collins is one of those people. He bought his first camera in 2007 to shoot his friends surfing but within a few short years companies such as National Geographic, Nikon, Red Bull, and others started using Ray's signature seascapes.


Riding The ‘Wave’ Of My Life With My Lake Erie Liquid Mountains Series!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Dave Sandford, a professional photographer of 20 years from London, Ontario, Canada. I grew up right in the heart of the Great Lakes region. Just over two years ago, I finally obtained the photo gear I had long desired to acquire, which would enable me to shoot our lakes and oceans the way I had always envisioned.

How I Became Obsessed With Handheld Long Exposures

As a traveler first and photographer second I always hated using a tripod. The weight of the equipment, the lack of flexibility sometimes took away the joy of photography as it should be, at least for me.


Photographer Sees Mythical Creatures in Stormy Waves

Photographer Rachael Talibart spent a great deal of her childhood in southeast England staring at powerful ocean waves and imagining creatures in the sea. Through her ongoing photo project titled Sirens, Talibart is now sharing her imagination with the world.