Do I Still Need a Photography Website in 2019?

Before the rise of social media and the ubiquity of apps like Instagram, photographers established and flexed their brands through their personal website and blog. The photographer website supplanted the printed portfolio, for the most part, offering photographers a way to showcase their work with a remote audience of photo editors, customers, and fans. As […]

9 Things a Photographer Should Purchase Besides Gear

GAS: lots of photographers have it and many can understand the need and benefit of getting a brand new lens that can render all the bokeh. But after a while, you're pretty well saturated and set in the gear that you've got.

The Biggest Test of Any Photographer is Picking Their Best Images

I wish I could tell you a deep anecdote about this person but I can’t remember who it was. What I remember well are the importance of those words especially when building and updating my portfolio.  I’ve just gone through the long and painful process of updating my website.

Remove.bg is a Website That Removes Backgrounds from Portraits in Seconds

If you often find yourself needing to remove the backgrounds from photos but don’t have the time to manually do it, you might want to bookmark Remove.bg. It’s a simple free website that automatically removes the backgrounds from photos in just 5 seconds with a single click. Simply use the button on the homepage to […]

I Gave Up on Squarespace and Built My Own Photo Website from Scratch

For the past several years my photography website called Squarespace home. Among online, fully-contained, content management systems, it is hard to go wrong with Squarespace. Offering domain registration and hosting, plus well-crafted templates, Squarespace makes it easy to create a professional looking website.

How I Lost My 8-Year-Old Photography Website

This is the story and all the messy details of how I lost my photography business’ 8-year-old website at Bludomain, a hosting service “for the creative professional.” Last week was busy! Along with a regular schedule of newborn sessions, family sessions, and maternity sessions here in my studio, editing, album design, and ordering appointments. I […]

This New Instagram Shadowban Tester Examines Your Last 10 Posts

Instagram has been accused of “shadowbanning” users and posts starting about a year ago, preventing tagged content from properly appearing in searches for those tags. After photographers and others complained last year, someone made a tool for checking to see if you’ve been shadowbanned.

I’m Not Really a Photographer: I’m Actually an IT Guy.

"I leave Tuesday for my first Caribbean project of the season. " is what my friend Cory Silken tells me as the motivation for this article. "I've literally been preparing new kit since October. " And for the most part, he's right.

I’m Not Really a Photographer. I’m Actually an IT Guy.

"I leave Tuesday for my first Caribbean project of the season. " is what my friend Cory Silken tells me as the motivation for this article. "I've literally been preparing new kit since October. " And for the most part, he's right.

re.photos is a Photo Sharing Service for Then-and-Now Photos

re.photos is a new website decided to helping people create and share then-and-now photos. The site helps you automatically align before-and-after photos to show how things have changed over time. Known as “rephotography,” this is the act of taking a photo of a scene that has already been photographed some time ago. The project was created by […]

5 SEO Pro Tips for Your Photo Website

Whether you’re just starting your photography career or have years of experience, being found in search engines is critical to accomplishing your goals. In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 helpful SEO tips that can help your photography website place well in search engines.

How to Create Better Portraits for Instagram

Portraiture and gaming the system on Instagram isn't always so simply. In fact, it's pretty difficult. But photographers have been trying to cut through all the noise as best as they can for as long as the platform has been around.

Do Photographers Really Need a Blog If They Have Instagram?

Photographers that take their craft very seriously most likely have a website to show off their portfolio. If you’re a professional or a semi-professional, this is a guarantee; but if you’re a hobbyist or enthusiast, it would make sense to have a website of some sort. But then in that case, does it make sense


Colourise.sg Uses AI to Colorize B&W Photos

Want to turn some old black-and-white photos into color photos? There’s an amazing new website called Colourise. sg that’ll get the job done for you. It uses deep learning AI to create remarkably realistic results in just seconds with zero work on your part.

This Site Will Tell You If Your Accounts Have Been Compromised

Here’s something that isn’t directly photography-related but is relevant to pretty much every photographer: if you’ve never heard of it before, you should check out the website Have I Been Pwned? It lets you search for your email addresses and passwords to see if any of your accounts have been compromised through security breaches. The […]

This Web App Creates Random Camera Company Marketing Jargon

When camera companies announce new cameras or lenses, the press releases are often filled with generic statements about the wonderful qualities of the product. Now the marketing teams behind those words have a new shortcut: the Random Photo Marketing Generator.

Everypixel Aesthetics Uses A.I. to Rate Your Photo’s Awesomeness

The stock photography search engine Everypixel has launched a new web app called Everypixel Aesthetics that uses a neural network to tell you how awesome any photo is. “We trained neural networks to see the beauty of photos the same way as you and I do,” Everypixel tells PetaPixel. “To handle it, designers, editors and […]


Filmtypes is a Film Stock Database with Details, Sample Images and More

If you’re new to film photography, or you’re curious about the variety of film stocks that are out there, there’s a useful new website you should definitely check out. It’s called Filmtypes, and it’s a database of emulsions that wants to help you find your next roll of 35mm film. Created by analog photography enthusiast […]

This Web App Lets You Build Your Own Stock Photos

Here’s an unusual way to obtain the simple stock photo you need: Photo Creator is a web app that lets you build your own realistic stock photos. The site features thousands of models, objects, and backgrounds that you can combine into your own creations. Panels on the left and bottom edges of the app show […]

Style Me Pretty Saved From Shutdown After Founders Buy It Back

The popular blog Style Me Pretty announced earlier this month that it would be shutting down after inspiring wedding photographers for over a decade. That closure has now been averted after the site’s original founders worked out a deal to buy it back from Oath, the company Verizon folded Yahoo and AOL into. Style Me […]

The Excuses Photographers Make

Photographers make all kinds of excuses, whether out of lack of experience or just because they thought something to be common knowledge (which it often isn’t). Taking ownership of your work and communicating expectations is crucial on the path to success and professionalism.