Craigslist Ad Seeks Social Media Photographer and Mothers Helper

Trying to get into family photography, but haven’t had any luck? If you live in New York City, there’s a family that could use your help, just as long as you don’t mind being a “Mother’s Helper” on the side when you’re not taking pictures.

This Rugged Aluminum Film Canister Looks Really Cool, Costs $95

If you’ve got some money to burn and you insist on keeping your film safe and stylish at the same time, design firm RAMA WORKS has something for you. It’s called, simply enough, the RAMA WORKS film canister, and it’s probably the coolest, most expensive way to carry around your rolls of film. The Film […]

This Photographers Passport Photo Shoots Are Different

Photographer Max Siedentopf has a new project that examines one of the most boring types of photography: the passport photo. The series shows that even though passport photos need to be boring, the photo shoots themselves don’t.

I Create Glitch Art Using Interrupted Cable TV Signals

Mixed Signals is a series of photographs exploring the entropy of digital media. Through the manipulation and corruption of high definition television broadcast signals, I force commercials, talk shows, and infomercials to break form at specific moments, subverting their message and capturing the painterly beauty of their decay and disintegration.

This is the Bizarre World of Dark Stock Photos

There’s a new Twitter account called “Dark Stock Photos” that has been amassing a huge following over the past month. It’s an ever-growing collection of “f***ed up stock photography”: images designed to be sad and somber that are often simply bizarre.

I Nearly Vomited Taking These Aerial Photos Of Salt Ponds

This series of photos shows salt crystallisation ponds found in Western Australia. I asked the pilot to remove the doors from the tiny airplane, and within 10 minutes of flying over and around this amazing landscape, I was trying my hardest to hold it all together - the noise, the shaking, the wind, and looking through my telephoto lens. And somehow I managed a bunch of beautiful, calm images.

I Created A Photomanipulation Series Of Birdmonster Kids

I photographed bird heads at the London Natural History Museum, manipulated them into monster masks and added them to portraits of kids photographed in Berlin. The photographs were then printed onto canvas and painted with oil paint. The series is titled, 'Anthopocene'.

Crazy or Brilliant? Guy Films Cinematic Video by Hand-Holding a Drone

Credit where credit is due: this is a creative workaround. If you need a way to stabilize your footage, but you don’t have any kind of gimbal or steadicam to work with, why not just shoot the thing by hand-holding your drone? That must have been the thinking behind this video by a small Brazil-based […]

Google Just Patented a Weird Camera Hat

Well this is… interesting. It doesn’t seem like the very public failure of Google Glassdue, in large part, to the built-in camerahas deterred Google from pursuing wearable camera tech.

Instagram Stars Say Tagging Photos in Singapore Helps Them Go Viral

If you’ve noticed people on Instagram geotagging photos from the US or Europe as being taken in “Singapore, Singapore,” we have good news: you’re not going crazy. Apparently this is some sort of ‘hack’ that helps photos reach a larger audience and potentially go viral.

This Guy Installed Doom on a Kodak Digital Camera from 1998

Popular retro tech YouTube channel LGR recently pulled off something pretty awesome, if totally ridiculous. The channel’s host Clint Basinger managed to install a working copy of the original video game Doom onto a Kodak digital camera from 1998.

The Eerie Victorian Era Trend of Family Death Portraits

In the 1850s, photography became much more affordable and accessible for consumers. This sparked a trend in the Victorian era of postmortem photography, where dead loves ones featured among the pages of family albums.

Nikon Made the Weirdest Music Video for Its 100th Birthday

To celebrate its 100th anniversary on July 25th, 2017, Nikon decided to make one of the weirdest and wildest music videos you’ll see. The 4-minute long video above is the “Nikon Version” music video for the song Oz by the Japanese rock band Mrs.

Leicas Strange New Concept Camera Isnt Sure What Its Trying to Be

Not even Leica is sure what the Leicina VC is. Is it a directors viewfinder? A call back to the Leicina Super 8 cameras of old? A gimbal? The answer seems to be (D) All of the above… sort of. Photokina is a great place to debut a strange or crazy conceptlook no further than […]