Do NOT Bring this Weird Homebrew Rifle Stock Lens Through TSA

The folks at Fotodiox found one of the weirdest, most threatening lenses you’ll ever see at an antique store recently. Totally homemade—the thing doesn’t even include an aperture—this rifle stock lens is one we do NOT suggest you travel with… unless you really want to freak out the TSA. Bohus bought the lens, and he […]

Rare Night Vision Lens Produces Beautiful Swirly Bokeh for Portraits

Usually, getting some beautiful swirly bokeh on the cheap means looking to used Russian lenses like the Helios 44-2. But if you’re determined to get more creative, weird lens hunter Mathieu Stern has an idea for you: try a military grade night vision lens. Stern got his hands on just such a lens, a C-Mount […]



The Laowa 24mm f/14 2x Macro Lens is Super Weird… Also Awesome

Venus Optics are quickly becoming a leader in extreme lens design, but even by their standard, they’ve seriously outdone themselves with the Laowa 24mm f/14 Replay 2x Macro lens. This weird lens, spotted at Photokina by our friends at ePHOTOzine, is designed specifically for photographing “shy” subjects. The extra long barrel allows you to keep […]