One of Western Digital’s New SanDisk Cards Can Hold 1TB of Photos

The IFA 2019 saw Western Digital showcase its newest consumer storage products aimed at gamers, photographers, and consumers with growing data storage needs. The new offerings include the latest additions to the SanDisk brand of memory cards, as well as updates to the award-winning My Passport portable drives.

Обзор WD My Passport Go: бюджетный SSD диск повышенной прочности

Абсолютно каждый фотограф, так или иначе, постоянно думает о хранении отснятого материала — ценнейшего архива для каждого фотографа. Вопрос очень актуальный, так как надёжность внешних жёстких дисков, тех, что винчестеры, постоянно подвергается сомнениям.

Smart Photo Manager ibi Lets You Share Photos by Invitation Only

If you've ever been needed to share photos of your private events, trips, and slices of life only to your private network and favorite people, we may have found a great solution for you. And no, it's not another social media platform -- which is good, because we all know how crowded and cluttered that can get.

SanDisk’s New Industrial and Automotive SD Cards Can Work at -40° C

Western Digital has announced two new lines of SanDisk (WD bought Sandisk last year) SD cards aimed at unique applications and surviving extreme conditions. In terms of what will appeal to photographers, or be used by photographers the most, the new Automotive line could be something that you professionals could consider.

Новый накопитель от Western Digital предлагает до 20 Тб свободного места

Компания Western Digital представила свой новый внешний RAID-накопитель объемом до 20 Тб по цене от 260 до 800 долларов. Устройство оснащено жесткими дисками WD Red, оптимизированными для работы в RAID, которые обеспечивают скорость последовательного чтения до 360 МБ/с.


Western Digital & Sandisk Announce New 1TB Capacity SD Card

So as we always point out, still images are getting bigger and bigger, as are video files with 4K eating up a lot of space on our camera storage media. Well, Sandisk has just announced a card with enough capacity to not only record your next vlog, but to also augment your laptop's storage!