Bombinate – An Olympus Experience

How a camera should be like? Bulky, tiny, light, white, black, fast, inconspicuous, expensive, cheap, silent, with a big sensor, with a small sensor, with many megapixels, with additional features, just photography specifications? How the photographer using the camera should be? Should I be able to see things unseen, to catch a moment’s life and death, to place my inner darkness and light into my work, to seek inspiration in everything I see and feel, to seek originality in a time when the wheel has been long invented? Should I be able to experiment through what I am the world I live in without getting distracted by my camera? A tailor crafts the clothes to perfectly match the person wearing them.

Maria Sahai’s Landscape and Nature Photography is an Ode to the Arctic

I'm Maria Sahai, and I was born in a remote Russian Far East on the shores of Sea of Okhotsk, raised in the steppes of Southern Kazakhstan, and worked and lived all over the world since then. My family, working in the Soviet military, traveled around the former Soviet Union, including less known areas where polar bears roam freely, the aurora borealis can be seen for months, and the indigenous chukchas live in seal skin-covered yarangas.

I Photographed Evidence Of Maternal Instincts In Insects

Halfway through September of 2017, I was photographing insects and spiders at my local arboretum when I stumbled upon a colony of oak treehoppers. Oak treehoppers were on my bucket list of insects I was dying to find and photograph so I was THRILLED to have found a colony of nymphs (immature insects)! As I photographed the nymphs, I noticed a single adult a few inches away on the same twig.

I Got Tired Of Boring Animal Photos, So I Took Some Myself

As a creative portrait photographer my day to day job involves capturing the personalities of characters in unique art images commercially. I got bored of looking at pictures of animals looking like they are inanimate objects when they have as much, if not more, personality as humans! So I had a go myself, and here's what I came up with..

Beautiful Birds I Clicked In India

A collection of beautiful birds I captured from India. I listen; I listen to words, nature, patterns, signs, to people. I listen to everything I see and feel.

Amr Elshamy Shoots Wildlife Photography In His Room Studio

At some point of time it is every photographer's dream to travel the world and shoot wildlife a la National Geographic style. Amr Elshamy visualized such adventures and turned his dream into creative photography by using scaled models and imagination.


I’ve Been Shooting Wild Squirrels For 4 Years And They Finally Shot Me Back

4 years ago I started photographing wild red squirrels. In those early years I captured squirrels behind a camera shooting birds and nature, but this time I wanted to let them capture me. This year, squirrels started to climb on my camera during shooting and that gave me the idea of letting them do the photo job.


Photography News Roundup, October 20

In the headlines this week: reaction to Lightroom CC, celebrating Wildlife Photographer of the Year and seriously spooky places. The post Photography News Roundup, October 20 appeared first on 500px ISO.

How I Got Seduced By Wildlife Photography

While photography has become my primary language, animal whispering has evolved as a tool to communicate the unique sincerity emerging from a wild animal’s eye. Beyond the Art, wildlife photography allows me to seek the uniqueness in things while engaging with nature in a unique way.