The Four Seasons Through My Living Room

This has been a project I've been working on since last year. A friend of mine suggested that a multi seasonal photo set would look great for a blog post. As the months went on it was getting hard to remain consistent with the different locations and only the living room set was completed.



I Photographed Lake Bled When It Was Frozen (And Saw White Walkers)

Lake Bled doesn’t freeze very often but this year the temperature was very low for almost all January and it was finally possible to walk all the way to the island. First, only a few of the bravest men and women dared to walk more than a few meters from the shore, but after the lake was completely covered with thick layer of ice, whole masses migrated to the island. And it’s really an amazing sight to see.

I Photographed The True Spirit Of Vikings

This was a group shoot put together in Stanley, ID in the winter of 2015. It was meant to convey a day and night in the life of a band of ancient Vikings, warriors of both sexes. Some of the images convey the men kneeling in a prayer-like circle, talking about the course of the day and possible battle.

Photos of an ‘Ice House’ After a Winter Storm at Lake Ontario

After a winter storm hit the Lake Ontario region last weekend, photographer John Kucko was tipped off about a house on the lake shore that had gotten encased in icicles and ice sheets. Kucko paid a visit and shot a set of photos showing the unusual sight. The house in Webster, New York, sits just […]

Squirrels In A Christmas Mood

Four years ago I started to take photos from my kitchen window from mostly wild red squirrels, and do that still. My last book is called Christmas, which can be seen in a movie at the end of this article.

A DIY Camera Rig for Snowflake Photos

Looking for a great winter photography project? How about snowflakes? If you live in the Northern tier of states I promise you will have plenty of subjects to shoot. My snowflake photography setup is based on a system initially designed by Professor Ken Libberecht, a great snowflake photographer — from California, of all places. Snow […]