5 Best Cameras With WiFi For Instagrammers

As much as some of us in the industry would like to forget, many people these days are getting into photography specifically to get better at posting images to their Instagram and social media accounts.

Which One: Fujifilm X100F or Fujifilm X-Pro2 with Fujifilm 23mm F2?

Looking at specs one couldn't help but notice that Fujifilm's X100F and X-Pro2 feature a lot in common. Both have Fuji's new 24mp sensor, both are rangefinder inspired, both have both hybrid optical and electronic viewfinders, and both have (or can have in the case of the X-Pro2) a 23mm F2 lens.

Image Gallery: Fujifilm X100F Samples

Today, I'm really happy to say that we've got Fujifilm X100F samples in our first impressions post. I've been super busy as of late, but I'm pretty glad to finally have the Fujifilm X100F in for review.

2 Months with the Fujifilm X100F

I’ve had a copy of the x100F since early November. During that time I kind of made it my go-to camera for just about anything and everything—from my more artistic professional shots, to travel, to basic family vacation images.

The Long Awaited Fujifilm X100F Has the 24.3MP Sensor, Acros Simulation

Fujifilm has made a metric ton of announcements today, and along with the others, we have ourselves the long awaited X100 update, the newly minted Fujifilm X100F. Beyond the X-T line of cameras, probably the most popular line of Fujifilm's digital cameras is the X100 series and since Fujifilm unveiled their latest X-Trans sensor technology last year photographers have been clamoring for an updated X100 with the new tech.

Are These Two Fujifilm Registrations The X100F and X-T20?

We are seeing reports now of a couple Fujifilm camera registrations with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology which are thought to possibly be the X100F and X-T20. 2017 will be a big year for the downline Fujifilm users now that the flagship models have been updated to the next generation, this has led to the reports of cameras like the X100F and X-T20 coming soon.