How to Shoot Professional Portraits Using 3-Point Lighting

This handy 7-minute lighting guide from Aussie music photographer PJ Pantelis shows how you can use 2 lights and a reflector to create a professionally-lit headshot. Even if you’re not shooting portraits, the video is a great tutorial on working with light.

Don’t Forget to Tell a Story

It’s easy to obsess over gear. We all love new toys, and it’s natural to lust over that hot new mirrorless camera or convince yourself that a lens upgrade is going to take your photos to the next level.

A Digital Photographer Tries Large Format for the First Time

This lovely video from photographer Thomas Heaton sees him heading out in to the wilderness with his tent and an Intrepid 4×5 to try large format photography for the first time. The joy and the difficulty inherent in shooting large format is evident as Heaton scouts out his location, seeking the perfect composition over the […]

White vs Gold Reflectors: How They Work for Portrait Photography

If you're a natural light portrait photographer, then I simply cannot express to you how much a reflector can help you create better portraits. They're so incredibly versatile--being able to reflect light of certain colors into a scene or even diffuse light as you see it coming into the scene.

Question: Does Film Taste Affect the Quality of the Film?

I know. . . this is a very odd question. To be honest too, I don't think that I'd ever sit there and lick a roll of film no matter how smitten I am with well exposed Portra 400. But the folks over at Not Another Gear Review decided "Screw it, why not?" Yes, they decided to see if the taste of a piece of a film affects the image quality in any way, shape or form.

U.S. Nuclear Bomb Test Footage is Now On YouTube

Between 1945 and 1962, the United States conducted 210 atmospheric nuclear bomb tests. For each of those tests, the government used multiple cameras filming at 2,400 frames per second to document things.

Kate Hook’s Creative Portraiture with Lomography LomoChrome Purple

Photographer Kate Hook was always into film photography--it stems from when she was really young. When she went to college, her friends never understood film and how to use it. But like a number of us millenials, Kate grew up in a world that started out with film, then went digital and is now going back to film.

This Simple One Light Overhead Setup Makes for Dramatic Portraits

We’re crazy about great one-light portraits, and fashion and portrait photographer Jeff Rojas is an expert at creating and honing these minimalist setups. In his latest video, he shows you how a single light placed above your subject makes for beautiful portraits in both color and black and white. “The properties of light are going […]

Wanderlust 4K is an Inspirational New Travel Show for Photographers

Photo lovers and travel enthusiasts looking for a new show to provide some inspiration, listen up. Photographers and YouTubers Tony and Chelsea Northrup have just debuted a new web series called Wanderlust 4K, a show dedicated to inspiring the travel photographer in all of us.


Casey Neistat and His Beme App Just Got Acquired by CNN for $25 Million

Last week, we told you that Casey Neistat was saying goodbye to his hugely popular daily vlog. Today, we found out what he’s planning to do next. Neistat’s new home will be the cable news network CNN, which just acquired the 11-person team behind Neistat’s never-quite-took-off mobile video sharing app Beme for a reported $25 […]

This Dead YouTube Channel Has Seven Helpful Product Photo Tutorials

Want to learn about product photography editing techniques? A small trove of helpful video tutorials has been found in an obscure YouTube channel that had previously gotten no attention. Reddit user Falafalfeelings stumbled upon the YouTube channel Christina Kramer’s Crazy Photoshop Video Tutorials while researching how to do a certain product photo technique. “Found the […]

Photography Classes: An Argument For Paid Learning In a Free Web

Let's be very honest there: you absolutely do not need to take classes or many tutorials that you need to pay for to learn the basics and a little bit more about photography--but photography classes do something for you that being behind a screen in a dark office at home can't do for you.


Macro Photography on a Budget: A Quick and Easy Beginner’s Guide

Macro photography can be incredibly expensive, but as British photographer Adam Kappa shows in this video, it doesn’t have to be. In 7 minutes, Kappa demonstrates how to produce impressive macro shots using kit lenses, extension tubes, and a flash diffuser crafted from a Chinese takeout container. The video is a year old at this […]

Quick Tip: Three Ways to ‘Hack’ Your Crappy Kit Lens

The kit lens that comes with most consumer-grade and entry-level DSLRs—the infamous 18-55mm f/3. 5-5. 6—isn’t exactly anybody’s “go-to” lens. It’s far from useless though—here are three simple “hacks” that’ll help you squeeze a bit more performance out of your kit lens.