How to Capture a ‘Dramatic’ Food Photo Using Cheap Gear

Food photographer Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot has put together a helpful tutorial that shows you how to capture “dramatic food photography” using an extremely cheap DSLR. Specifically, she picked up a used Canon Rebel T2i with a kit lens for just $200.

Rogue Drops Improved FlashBender v3 for Your Flash Photography Needs

Whether your flash accessories are due for an upgrade or you’re already looking to finally invest in them, the latest iterations of the FlashBender products could be of interest to you. Now on their third version, these kits and tool come with improved features that should fit your indoor and outdoor flash photography needs.

Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Tips for Diffusing Window Light

Shooting in natural light can be tricky but it’s also a flattering and readily available light source. Whether you’re shooting portraits or still life, the key to working with natural light is being able to modify it to achieve the look you’re after. This is where today’s photography cheat sheet comes in.

This is What a Cheap Reflector Can Do For Your Portraits

While the world is obsessing over newer, higher Megapixel count and more powerful cameras, the most important factor when it comes to photography is light. Therefore having the ability to modify and improve lighting quality can significantly enhance the image output.



The Flash Bag is a Camera Bag with a Reflector Built Right In

Carrying a reflector around town with you is useful, it’s just not usually practical. That’s where the new Flash Bag comes in. This creatively designed camera bag comes with a reflector build right into the bag itself—just open it up.