Review of the Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR Lens

Review of the Fujifilm XF 16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR Lens

Im a big fan of zoom lenses. For my photography and budget, they provide great value and versatility, and modern zoom lenses sacrifice little, if any, image quality compared to prime lenses. Im an especially big fan of zoom lenses that cover enough of a focal length range to potentially be the one lens to […]

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2021-7-21 19:20

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6 Versatile Zoom Lenses for Documentary and Lifestyle Photography

Being a lifestyle or documentary photographer can be quite challenging. You need to be able to work in a variety of scenarios, and you need to be able to capture the moment in a split second. Prime lenses are great, but sometimes zoom lenses allow you to get the shot a lot quicker due to you being able to stay in place and zoom in or out on the scene at hand.

2019-04-05 01:00

Standard Zoom Lenses You Can Trust In Your Event Photography Kit

So far in our journey to help you fill out the ultimate party and event kits we have discussed cameras and prime lenses that would be great options for any photographer to consider. But as you are probably aware if you are reading this, a single standard zoom lens is a much more common option that event photographers choose due to its versatility.

2017-07-06 19:00