Leaked Photos of Sony a7C Show Full-Frame Camera with Corner EVF

With only a weekend standing between us and the scheduled reveal of the “new concept” Sony a7C on Monday evening, product shots have officially leaked. The photos confirm everything we’ve heard so far about a compact full-frame camera with a corner-mounted EVF and new kit lens. The first leaked photo (as far as we could […]

First Impressions: Fujifilm X-A7 (A Curiously Beautiful Camera)

I can imagine the Fujifilm X-A7 slung around a discerning, fashionable photographer. It's mated to some sort of beautiful vintage optic or one of Fujifilm's lust-inducing prime lenses. The stunning leather strap that comes with it is only the icing on top.

Canon EOS R Photos and Specs Leak

We now have our first look at the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera and RF lenses that will be announced on Wednesday, September 5th. Photos and specifications have leaked onto the Web for the first time despite Canon’s ultra-high level of secrecy surrounding this product launch.

Sony Announces the new Sony a9 Flagship Camera

Today, Sony is announcing their brand new Sony a9 camera that has been rumored for a really, really long time now. We're currently live at the announcement and so more details are coming in. Stay tuned!

The SLRMagic 8mm f4 For Micro Four Thirds Has Very Little Distortion

Today, the new SLRMagic 8mm f4 for Micro Four Thirds cameras was announced. This lens is being targeted at professional cinematographers and is being touted as perfect for aerial photography. The SLRMagic 8mm f4 renders a 16mm f8 field of view and depth of field when compared to full frame offerings. The lens also exhibits very little distortion.

The Fujifilm GFX 50s System Will Cost $6,499 Body Only

Fujifilm revealed their GFX 50S medium format mirrorless camera and accompanying lenses back in September at Photokina. We have known for some time now, thanks to that announcement, about the specs of the camera - but what we did not know was the release timeline nor the pricing.


Pentax’s New APS-C DSLR Can Hit ISO 1.6 Million, Will Cost Around $2,500

Ricoh has released a new video all about the upcoming Pentax flagship APS-C DSLR that has been slowly revealed over the past year. The camera will be called the Pentax K-3 Mark III (imagine that), and we are finally getting some information about specs and price point beyond just the fact that it has a […]


The Pentax K3 Mark III Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

Pentax has announced that due to a parts shortage, the K3 Mark III DSLR that was scheduled to be announced at Japan’s CP+ show on February 25 has been delayed indefinitely. CP+ is an online-only event this year, but that hasn’t stopped Japanese camera manufacturers from planning product releases based on the tradeshow’s schedule. Pentax […]

Sony Confirms a7S III Launch on July 28th, Here’s What We Know So Far

It’s official: Sony has just announced that the launch event for the long (long, long) awaited Sony a7S III will take place on Tuesday, July 28th at 10am Eastern time. In light of this confirmation, here’s everything we expect to see based on the latest rumors and reports. Sony first admitted that the a7S III […]

SDUC Express Memory Cards to Allow 128TB Storage and 985MB/s Speed

The SD Association has just announced the latest specifications for the widely used Secure Digital (SD) memory card format. The new Ultra Capacity (UC) designation will mean capacities of up to 128 terabytes and the “Express” designation will mean transfer speeds of up to 985 megabytes per second. SDUC follows in the footsteps of the […]

OIympus OM-D E-M10 III Photos and Specs Leaked

Olympus announced its OM-D E-M10 II entry-level mirrorless camera back in August 2015, so it’s time for a refresh, and that refresh is nearly upon us. The upcoming Olympus E-M10 III has just been outed with leaked photos and specs.

Why the iPhone 7 Has to Simulate a Shallow Depth of Field

Why do the new iPhone 7 phones have to simulate a shallow depth of field? The short answer: physics. Most photographers know that creating a shallow depth of field (DOF) is usually as easy as using a big aperture (of course, using a longer focal length helps). Even a 35mm lens on a full frame […]