6 Amazing Photographers and Their Black and White Photography

Who doesn't love black and white photography? The deep darks and the eye-catching whites are what make this beautiful genre so mesmerizing. We've featured many photographers who remove color from their work and instead go for the more classic feel.

Keren Stanley: Of Surreal Photography and Alternate Worlds

Here in The Phoblographer, we put the spotlight on a lot of impressive conceptual portraits, especially those with a touch of the otherworldly. The latest of these are by Keren Stanley, a self-taught  fine art and conceptual photographer who builds alternate worlds rooted in reality.


Which Face Shall I Put On Today?

I always like to re-assign different roles for objects and things in my photography. This has been my aesthetic all along - seeing things in places that you don't expect. For this fashion editorial, I wanted the model to have a "resting-bitch face" throughout the shoot.


15+ Reflections That Will Mess With Your Head

It's easy to warp or distort a photograph digitally, but snapping a picture that'll bend your mind without the use of Photoshop isn't quite so simple. One of the best ways to create surreal pictures naturally is via the use of reflections.