Survey Says: Smartphone Users Want Better Lens and Improved Zoom

September 12 was a highly anticipated day for two things: first, Apple announced its next generation of iPhones; and second, the Mobile World Congress Americas debut a three-day conference. In light of these two events, it has become even more fitting to take a closer look at the seemingly blurring line between photography and smartphone technology.


Three Ways We Can Keep Analog Photography Alive

The Digital Age has well and truly established itself and has transformed the photography industry in ways that seemed impossible just a few decades ago. Over the last several years, analog photography has been put on life support, only keeping a pulse thanks to a determined community of film lovers. If you are interested in […]

How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Photo Industry

As a photographer, I am bombarded by people’s experiences of how they have been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. It doesn’t seem to matter where I look it’s everywhere. My Facebook feed is full of questions being asked by a host of photographers, along with the usual questions about what to do when you […]


25% of Microsoft Surface Laptops Will Break in 2 Years: Consumer Reports

If you’re a photographer in search of a new laptop or tablet for working with your photos, there’s something you’ll probably want to know about Microsoft Surface devices: an estimated 25% of them will break within the first two years you have them, a new report says. After Consumer Reports conducted a survey of 90,000 […]