«Размах» объявляет конкурс индустриальной фотографии

С 7 августа по 16 сентября 2018 года ведущая компания российского рынка демонтажа принимает фотоработы для участия в первом конкурсе индустриальной фотографии. Лучшие промышленные фотографии будут выставлены в галерее «Артмуза» в Петербурге, а призовой фонд для трех победителей составит 700 тыс рублей. 

Sigma 85mm F1.4 DG HSM Art for Sony E-mount sample gallery

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_0924439701","galleryId":"0924439701","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) }); Earlier this year Sigma announced nine full-frame Art-series primes would be made available for Sony E-mount.

Анонс Sigma 14mm F1.8, 135mm F1.8 и 70mm F2.8 – Названы цены и даты начала продаж

Представленные еще в феврале этого года объективы Sigma 14mm F1. 8 DG HSM, 70mm F2. 8 DG MACRO и 135mm F1. 8 DG HSM Art под Sony E-mount, наконец-то, поступили в продажу. Вся оптика поддерживает следящую и высокоскоростную фокусировку, а также коррекцию аберрации объектива и стабилизацию изображения.

Grace Chen’s Sense of Wanderlust Fuels Her Photography

While some photographers may get their pleasure in portraiture and street photography, Grace Chen (Instagram) is more about taking full on experiences and expressing them in a single photo. Grace has been shooting for almost 10 years now, and combines her love of traveling and exploring with her love of photography.

JB announced their new wood grip-base xl for the A7III-A7rIII and A9

Today jbcameradesigns.com announced their new wood grip-base xl for the A7III-A7rIII and A9. They should be available soon on Amazon US: This is a J.B. personal favorite and a new finish we are debuting! Add the MUCH NEEDED height to the Sony A7III series camera bodies with our new XL grip handcrafted from super strong […] The post JB announced their new wood grip-base xl for the A7III-A7rIII and A9 appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Летающие камеры от SimToo

Дроны становятся всё более доступными. Китайские компании уже предлагают миниатюрные летательные устройства по цене менее 1000 руб. Но нас, как любителей фото и видеосъёмки, интересуют квадрокоптеры с камерами.

Нереальная реальность

Архитектор и цифровой художник Laurent Rosset создаёт панорамные изображения, которые, кажется, изгибаются и устремняются в бесконечность. Laurent Rosset использует фотографии, сделанные дроном. Интересно, что снимки не только демонстрируют необычный ракурс, но и содержат сюжет.

Новое тизерное видео беззеркалки Nikon

Компания Nikon выпустила новое видео посвященное будущей полнокадровой беззеркальной камере Nikon Z. Видео оказалось не информативное. Компания лишний раз напомнила о своей камере и столетнем опыте работы в отрасли.

Leica releases Elpro 52 close-up lens adapter

Leica has announced the Elpro 52, a new close-up converter lens for select Leica M and TL lenses. As its name suggests, the Elpro 52 can be screwed onto the front of any Leica M and TL lens that has a 52mm front filter thread.

I Gave Up on Squarespace and Built My Own Photo Website from Scratch

For the past several years my photography website called Squarespace home. Among online, fully-contained, content management systems, it is hard to go wrong with Squarespace. Offering domain registration and hosting, plus well-crafted templates, Squarespace makes it easy to create a professional looking website.

Sony A7III body only in Stock at FocusCamera

The Sony A7III body only is now in Stock at FocusCamera (Click here). And today you also save 15% on the Neewer extension tube set sold by Amazon US. Preorders: Voigtlander 110mm FE lens at BHphoto and Adorama.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with dual-aperture 12MP dual-cam

At a high-profile launch event in New York, Samsung took the wraps off its much-leaked, next-generation Note device. The Galaxy Note 9 borrows the S9+'s 12MP dual-aperture dual-cam, with OIS in both rear cameras and an emphasis on AI-enhanced shooting modes.

This Drone Video Flies Over the Ruins of Pompeii

Pompeii was the famous ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79, trapping many of the inhabitants before they could flee. Here’s a new 53-second drone video that flies through and over the city as it stands today after centuries of excavations, offering a […]

Cole Magazine’s All Black Model Fashion Issue

An Indie fashion magazine, Cole magazine is delighted to bring to the notice of the general public the launching of its newest Issue featuring All Black Female and Male models. The ninth issue of the magazine, which happens to be its very first all-black issue, focuses on the theme of “Black is Beautiful”.

Dave Dugdale: How Sony’s Auto Focus has Evolved on the a7R iii in the Past 4 Years?

Dave Dugdale video introduction text: The AF speed has increased, the a7riii has become tenacious it will not let go of a face. AF has become much smoother, before you would get a shimmering If you have turned off face detect, obj tracking and touch spot focus, when you want the camera to continuously [AF-C] […] The post Dave Dugdale: How Sony’s Auto Focus has Evolved on the a7R iii in the Past 4 Years? appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

PaintShop Pro 2019

PaintShop Pro 2019 now offers AI-powered Pic-to-Painting, support for 360° cameras, a streamlined user experience and new PhotoMirage Express to blur the line between photo and video.

How to Shoot a Triangle Photography Composition

The following is a syndicated post originally found on Eric Kim’s blog. It has been published here with his permission. Syndication by Joy Celine Asto. One of the simplest and most effective compositions we can integrate into our photography are triangle compositions.

Советская шпионская фотокамера, замаскированная под фотокамеру, запутала аукционистов

Британский аукционный дом Aston's распродал частную коллекцию из 25 редких советских фотокамер. Среди них были шпионские экземпляры. Наиболее интересным лотом оказалась фотокамера, замаскированная под массовую зеркалку «Зенит-Е».

Новый тизер полнокадровоей беззеркалки Nikon

Сегодня компания Nikon показала очередной тизер новой полнокадровой беззеркалки. Этот тизер уже третий по счету и посвящен дизайну камеры. «Компания Nikon занималась разработкой идеальной фотокамеры много лет.

Review: Sigma 70mm f2.8 DG Macro Art (Canon EF)

The 70mm focal length has always weirded me out, so when the Sigma 70mm f2. 8 DG Macro Art came in I was a scratching my head for sure. Macro work is fun, but it gets monotonous after some time. The 70mm focal length is odd for portraiture, but the right photographer can make it work.

Epson FastFoto

The Epson FastFoto FF-680W scanner is the world's fastest personal photo scanner, scanning photos as fast as one photo per second at 300dpi at up to 36 photos per batch.

Летающие камеры от SimToo

Дроны становятся всё более доступными. Китайские компании уже предлагают миниатюрные летательные устройства по цене менее 1000 руб. Но нас, как любителей фото и видеосъёмки, интересуют квадрокоптеры с камерами.


I’ve Captured the Beauty of Deserted Sanatorium from Soviet Era

During the Soviet Union the Georgian town of Tskaltubo was a popular health destination famed for its therapeutic water and sanatoriums. Four trains arrived daily full of guests from Moscow. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the buildings were abandoned and fell into decay.

Up your Bokeh Game with the Lensbaby Sol 45mm

Lensbaby has brought yet another cool lens to the market and the new optic, called the Sol 45mm, is set to take bokeh to a whole new level. The Sol 45mm is available to buy now in various lens fitments.

Cactus launches bare bulb wireless monolight on Kickstarter

Lighting manufacturer Cactus has officially launched its RQ250 bare bulb wireless TTL flash unit on the Kickstarter crowd funding website. Plans for the flash were originally announced at the beginning of the year, and now the company says it will be ready for delivery in October.

Samsung is Making 4TB SSDs Cheaper for Everyone

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass producing the storage industry’s first 4-bit 4-terabyte SSD drives. While Samsung has also unveiled a 30TB SSD and the world’s largest SSD is a staggering 100TB, those are designed for enterprise uses.

Behind the Curtains of a Best Buy Camera Shop

I was hesitant when I first found out that Best Buy had a camera shop in their stores. My experience in the past had been a disappointment, walking through their small camera section was underwhelming and most of the associates avoided that area.

Устройство KiiPix – новая идея фотопечати со смартфона

Устройство для печати со смартфона называется KiiPix, оно не требует никого приложения, сетевого подключения, и стоит порядка $50. По сути, это простая камера, которая делает фотографии с экрана телефона на Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant, печатает, и после экспозиции выталкивает снимок посредством рукоятки.

Самые прекрасные библиотеки планеты

Есть фотографы, мастерски запечатляющие природу, лица, городскую жизнь. И есть Массимо Листри – фотограф, в объективе которого оживает пространство. Яркость, насыщенность и величественность – все это делает работы Массимо необычайно глубокими, пространственными, вдохновляющими зрителя.

How to Find the Perfect Angle

You know those moments when you’re chimping and wonder why that amazing shot that you thought was going to be, well, amazing just isn’t? Your exposure was right – check; white balance – check; aperture – check; shutter – check.

The Average Faces of Vogue Cover Models Around the World

This portrait is the average face of Vogue cover models over the past 25 years. The image was created through a study commissioned by MyVoucherCodes. Data specialist Giuseppe Sollazzo first gathered the names and photos of every single female cover model over the past 25 years for 7 international editions of Vogue: US, Russia, France, […]


Фотограф Трой Мот, очарованный дикой природой

Однажды Трой Мот оставил свою карьеру в модной и коммерческой фотографии, чтобы вернуться к своим канадским корням. Он провел несколько лет, живя в палатке посреди дикой природы. Его любовь к местным пейзажам и свежему воздуху вдохновила взяться за новое дело – съемку диких животных в великолепной среде их обитания.

This Milky Way Photo Was Shot on a Phone

The Huawei P20 Pro smartphone boasts the highest-scoring smartphone camera ever evaluated by DxOMark, sitting head and shoulders above its competition with an overall score of 109. Here’s how good the on-board Leica triple-camera system is: you can shoot beautiful shots of the Milky Way in the starry night sky. UAE-based photographer Daniel K. Cheong […]

How Caffeine Made Me Kill My $2,400 Sony RX1 Camera

Here’s a warning to all the photographers out there: caffeine and complicated camera repairs do not mix well. I found out the hard way and killed my $2,400 Sony RX1 full frame compact camera. After drinking a cup too many espressos, I finally decided to clean the sensor of my beloved Sony RX1, a job […]

Сальвадор Дали и 15 невероятных фактов из его жизни

Сальвадор Дали – легендарный сюрреалист, звезда среди художников и крайне неординарная персона. Его причудливый характер привлекает внимание, очаровывает людей и вызывает немалое любопытство. Ознакомимся с самыми удивленными фактами из его биографии.

Carlos Santero: великолепные хищники

Carlos Santero – немецкий фотограф, обосновавшийся в Барселоне (Испания). Он любит снимать, и у него прекрасно получаются и портреты, и пейзажи, и кадры из дикой...

I Defeated Will Smith In The #kikichallenge

Climbing out of a little window and dancing on the roof is no challenge for me - this is how I chill at sunrise above Budapest. Moreover, I'm doing it legally, dear Will! We defeated you in the #kikichallenge! Balance Project is an art photo-project that has been going on for many years now.

How I Shot a Nova Terra Cosplay Photo in the Desert

As a photographer, I’ve never really planned my shoots too much. I kind of look at what I’ll be shooting and think of cool-looking images. Then I try my best to match what I’m seeing in my head through photography and sometimes post-production.