Google Pixel 3 Hands-on Photos

Want to see exactly what the new Google Pixel 3 flagship smartphone looks like in the flesh? Check out our hands-on gallery of photos of the Google Pixel 3 smartphone.


Эпоха пленочной фотографии продолжается. ADOX, германский производитель фотоматериалов, анонсировал новую “ультрамелкозернистую” и “супер-панхроматическую” чер для съемки портретов. Но если в первом случае подойдет любой другой обычный проявитель, то […] The post ADOX HR-50 — appeared first on Fototips.ru.

Sony анонсировала программу Alpha Female

Участницы получат грант в размере 25 тысяч долларов и руководителя-фотографа из сообщества Sony Artisans of Imagery. Sony анонсировала Alpha Female — новую программу для женщин-фотографов и операторов из США и Канады.

ZTE Axon 9 Pro: Отличные характеристики по доступной цене

На выставке IFA 2018 мы познакомились с новым флагманским смартфоном ZTE Axon 9 Pro. Первое впечатление об устройстве сложилось быстро: определённо по техническим характеристикам это устройство близко к смартфону мечты – самая современная начинка и большое число нужных фишек.

Is Sony’s Color Science Really That Bad?

One of the biggest complaints I hear quite regularly about Sony mirrorless cameras is that their color science is horrible. Many photographers don’t seem to like how Sony interprets colors from any given scene.

How this Creative One-Shot Scene Was Done to Show the Passage of Time

The Showtime series Kidding has an episode that introduces a character by seamlessly showing how a single room in her home transformed over a long period of time as she recovers from addiction. It might look like CGI or clever editing, but it was actually done with careful choreography and a single take. The split-screen […]

The Remains Of Stalin’s Dead Road

In Russia’s arctic wilderness, the remnants of one of the Soviet Union’s most tragic gulag projects now lies largely forgotten. A rotting railway bridge in the Siberian outback/ A punishment cell for prisoners/ A guard’s watchtower in autumn forest/ These are some of the ruins of Josef Stalin’s abortive “Transpolar Mainline” railway. From 1947 until […]

Guy Sie’s 3D Printed Hotshoe Covers Have Embossed Film Speeds on Them

One of the smaller frustrations anyone who has ever shot on film is forgetting the speed of the film they’ve loaded inside their camera. This is especially true when you spend long intervals in using up just one roll of film and your camera doesn’t have an ISO/ASA dial or that thing at the back where you can put part of the film’s box that indicates the speed.

Panasonic Lumix LX100 II sample gallery

$(document). ready(function() { SampleGalleryV2({"containerId":"embeddedSampleGallery_7065627980","galleryId":"7065627980","isEmbeddedWidget":true,"selectedImageIndex":0,"isMobile":false}) }); The Panasonic LX100 II offers a higher-resolution sensor over its predecessor, but it's the addition of a touchscreen that makes the Mark II so gosh-darn enjoyable to shoot with.

Обзор скоростной SD-карты Transcend 700S

Одна из самых быстрых карт памяти на рынке с прекрасным соотношением цена–качество. В июле 2018 года компания Transcend представила карту памяти SDXC/SDHC 700S с очень высокими характеристиками. Мы поработали с картой и делимся впечатлениями.

I Photograph Street And Shelter Dogs

I spent the last 3 months traveling and volunteering in Eastern Europe with the aim of photographing street and shelter dogs. At the moment I'm in South of Athens, Greece, volunteering in a shelter for disabled dogs.

Обзор Asus ZenFone 5

Asus ZenFone 5 обнадеживает своими характеристиками. Мы решили разобраться как же он работает на практике, когда нужно много фотографировать, играть и слушать музыку. Дизайн ZenFone 5 как и предыдущие модели собран из стекла и металла.

Manfrotto launches a trio of new center ball heads

Italian tripod maker Manfrotto has updated its line of ball tripod heads. The new 490 center ball head is an affordable model designed with simplicity in mind. The entire head is controlled via single knob, making sure the new model is easy to use.

This is What a Drone Strike Would Do to an Airplane

As drones continue to explode in popularity, there have been more and more stories of operators flying way too close to airplanes. Now new research is revealing just how much damage a direct drone strike would do to an airplane’s wing.

The Lab-Box Is Finally Set to Ship by December 2018 or January 2019

After over a year of waiting, we finally have the latest news from ars-imago on the Lab-Box multi-format daylight loading film tank. If you're among the backers of their Kickstarter campaign, you'll be pleased to know that production will be on full swing, with shipping scheduled for December 2019 or January 2019.

The Lab-Box is Finally Set to Ship by December 2018 or January 2019

After over a year of waiting, we finally have the latest news from ars-imago on the Lab-Box multi-format daylight loading film tank. If you're among the backers of their Kickstarter campaign, you'll be pleased to know that production will be on full swing, with shipping scheduled for December 2019 or January 2019.

Sony A7III and Tamron 28-75mm FE in Stock at FocusCamera

The Sony A7III body only is now in Stock at FocusCamera (Click here). And the new Tamron FE zoom is also in Stock right now at FocusCamera. The post Sony A7III and Tamron 28-75mm FE in Stock at FocusCamera appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Canon EOS R Review

The EOS R is Canon's first ever full-frame mirrorless camera, joining the likes of Sony, Nikon and Panasonic.

iPhone XS Max vs Sony A7iii Photo Comparison by Max Yuryev

This is a rather unusual comparison but at the same time also very helpful to understand the difference between two “old” and “new” world. The post iPhone XS Max vs Sony A7iii Photo Comparison by Max Yuryev appeared first on sonyalpharumors.

Beautiful Views of the SpaceX Launch that Lit Up the West Coast Sky

A bright a dazzling light show appeared in the Southern California sky last night, and social media was flooded with snapshots by people who wondered if they were seeing an alien invasion. It was actually a SpaceX rocket — the first time billionaire Elon Musk’s company has landed the Falcon 9 rocket’s reusable first stage […]

Halide update brings Smart RAW, Apple watch update and more

Popular iOS camera app Halide has received its latest update. Halide version 1. 10 comes with a new Smart HDR feature, an improved watch app for the Apple Watch Series 4 , and more. Smart RAW is a feature specifically designed for the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models.

Panasonic обещает “никогда не отказываться от Micro 4/3”

Компания не планирует полностью перейти на производство полнокадровых камер. И еще одно интервью с прошедшей Photokina 2018 — с менеджером по маркетингу британского подразделения Panasonic в Великобритании, о Lumix S1 и S1R и дальнейшем развитии компании.


Lessons from Losing a Week of Photos to Memory Card Failure

This article is about how a memory card failure caused a week of photographs to disappear, what I did to try to recover them via software, then physical data services, and the valuable lessons to be learned about memory cards, dual card slots, and backups to prevent such a nightmare scenario from happening. Landscape expeditions […]

Photokina 2018. Лучшие аксессуары. Velbon, Cullmann, Sirui и другие

Штативы – это не только Manfrotto, на рынке есть решения и более интересные, и более оригинальные и, часто, более бюджетные. Расскажем о наиболее впечатливших нас. Китайский производитель качественных штативов, компания Sirui, показала довольно интересное универсальное решение – штатив одновременно и для видео, и для фото.

How to Fix Wide Angle Shrinkage Fast in Photoshop

How many of you can relate to this scenario? You encounter a scene that really grabs your attention, and it has all the elements you look for in a great composition — a spectacular foreground that works the eye towards the mid-ground that in turn leads the viewer towards a majestic mountain range in the […]

Самые интересные новинки Photokina 2018

Мы провели на выставке Photokina 3 плодотворных дня, и, традиционно и ожидаемо, выставка принесла свои плоды. Наши репортажи вы уже видели, но наверняка упустили главные вещи, которые я просто хочу сегодня напомнить.

Photoshop Fail or Lighting Illusion? Apprentice Photos Cause Stir

The UK reality game show The Apprentice is being mocked over what people are calling a hilarious Photoshop fail. But is it actually a case of unfortunate posing and a trick of the light? The contestants of the 14th season were announced last month, and people on social media immediately pointed out the hands of […]

Art Dolls Of Popovy Sisters

JM Art Management is thrilled to announce a very exclusive limited edition photography release by mesmerizing twins - the Popovy Sisters. Award-winning artists and designers, Katerina and Elena Popovy, are twin sisters from Russia that began making art dolls in 2004.

The cameras inside the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are estimated to cost $51.10

The cost benchmarking team at analyst firm IHS Markit has dissected an iPhone Xs Max in order to estimate the cost of components. For the 64GB version the team has calculated an estimated total bill of material (BOM) $390, a $20 increase from the smaller, previous-generation iPhone X.


Here’s How You Can Now Edit Canon RAW Files on your iPad

Ever been out and about with the camera and want to edit your images, but don’t have immediate access to a computer? It's a familiar experience for most photographers and means you can often endure a frustrating wait to create a finished image.

Анонс Google Pixel 3 и 3XL – Все что нужно знать о камерах

Сегодня вечером компания Google на своей презентации официально представила новые смартфоны Pixel 3 и 3XL. И хотя все с надеждой ждали, что все сливы и предпродажные образцы, которые можно было купить уже пару месяцев назад, окажутся фейками, чуда не случилось, все характеристики и дизайн подтвердились.

Lenovo teases Z5 Pro smartphone with quad-camera module

You thought smartphone manufacturers would stop at three cameras in a device? Think again. Lenovo has been teasing its upcoming Z5 Pro high-end device with a quad-camera and just confirmed that one of the four cameras will have a 2x telephoto lens.

Jake Olson: осенние портреты

Jake Olson – фотограф из города Блэр (Небраска, США). Он начал снимать в 2010 году, а в 2012 основал Jake Olson Studios и сосредоточился на портретной съемке. Его фотографии...

ADOX HR-50 is a New Monochrome Film for 35mm, 120, and 45

ADOX, the world’s oldest photographic materials manufacturer, has announced a new monochrome film called HR-50 that will be available in 35mm, 120, and 4×5 formats. The ADOX brand has been on photochemical products since 1860, making it the oldest brand that’s still around today.

We Photograph Women At Their Own Homes

We are a couple of Boudoir photographers who make boudoir photo shoots at home. Before that, because of our style and perfect conditions in Tahiti, Bora Bora where we lived, we were photographing boudoir in the wild.

New study reveals insights of first-time interchangeable lens camera owners

Kobe Subramaniam/Unsplash KeyPoint Intelligence — InfoTrends has released its 2018 US Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera (DILC) Market Study. The study, which "started as a digital single lens reflex camera (DSLR) market has now evolved into two segments: DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras (MILCs)," says KeyPoint Intelligence — InfoTrends in its synopsis.