Brock Saddler Shows You How to Hack the Bronica ETRS to Shoot Fujifilm Instax Mini Film

"Not for the Bronica unfortunately, unless you could possibly bring the tripod mount into it, rigging something to the back to hold it in place. " says photographer Brock Saddler about his Bronica ETRS hack when I asked him about whether or not he'd still need to use the rubber bands.

". . . something for the next person to think about. " Brock is amongst the many photographers and hackers that we've interviewed here on the Phoblographer. His hack specifically has to do with the the Bronica ETRS. Last year, we interviewed him about hacking his Bronica ETRS to shoot Fujifilm Instax mini film and he was still in the process of refining it. But he got really close to making it absolutely perfect. .

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2017-7-9 07:00