How We Find The Right Image Out of Thousands in Our Photo Library for Stories

The reason for this article has a bit to do with organizing and managing your photo library in addition to a reader request on how to exactly do something like this. Indeed, organizing your photo library has always been a pain and the only way to fix the problem is to have good practices to begin with.

If you don't have these then the long term goals are more or less pointless. I mean, how many images can you have names DMC_94749395? Or CR25853405534? Those don't help you. Over the years there have been attempts to help organize your library by having programs and algorithms look at images and tell what they are. This is perhaps most popular with people. As most of the readers of this website do so from an iOS device, you'll notice in your photo library that the system tends to find the faces of people and drops them into different albums accordingly not only based on their faces but also by location, time, etc. .

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2017-8-23 07:00