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PolarPro's new buyback program gives you credit towards a new filter when you trade in an old one

Earlier this year, PolarPro stepped up its filter game and brought its expertise to the world of DSLR and mirrorless cameras with its QuartzLine filters. As a follow-up to its latest filter lineup, PolarPro has launched a buyback program that will let you get a certain amount of credit towards a new filter if you return an old one - even if it's not theirs. dpreview.com

2018-6-20 20:59

10 Great Photo Gifts for Fathers Day!

Right, set an alarm on your smartphone - Fathers Day is on Sunday, June 17 and, if your father loves photography, then we have some great gift ideas to meet a whole range of budgets. From accessories and lens, to lighting gear and cameras, weve shortlisted 10 great items that any father would love to find space for in their kit bag. digitalrev.com

2018-6-1 03:00

Drool Over David Silvers Impressive Vintage Camera Collection

Everyone, meet your new photography hero. In a recent episode of Gizmodo's Show Me Your Nerd, California-based vintage camera collectorhistorian David Silver showcased his beautiful collection of mid-century cameras -- all of them beautifully displayed on their dedicated shelves and screaming the vintage aesthetic that has been popular in the last few years. thephoblographer.com

2018-5-29 16:00

Photographer Shoots Epic Battle Between Fox And Eagle Over Rabbit, And It Gets More And More Epic With Each Photo

How would you feel if you were on your way home proudly clutching your hard-earned food, when all of a sudden somebody jumps you, snatches away your sandwich and does a runner? You'd be furious wouldn't you? Spare a thought then for this poor red fox, whose rabbit was dramatically stolen by a cheeky bald eagle on San Juan Islands, WA, just recently. boredpanda.com

2018-5-25 12:24