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What Parallelism Is and How to Use it to Improve Your Photography

Ive always had a fascination with geometry and man-made structures, their perfection has a strong attraction on me. It took me time to realize that what I appreciated most wasnt necessarily their symmetry or the simple repetition of shapes but the parallelism between the various elements of the construction of an image. To better understand […] petapixel.com

2019-1-11 20:27

Review: SKB iSeries 2011-7 Waterproof Utility Case

One of the challenges of being a commercial photographer that travels frequently from assignment to assignment is that we often find ourselves having to travel with some rather expensive equipment. Nothing stings more than arriving at a job only to discover that your equipment had been damaged while in transit, leaving you with the stress of unexpected financial burden as well as the possibility of affecting your ability to fulfill your job commitments. thephoblographer.com

2018-12-19 08:00

5 Wallet Friendly 50mm Prime Lenses That Will Help You Grow as a Photographer

There are so many lens choices available to photographers today it can honestly be quite hard to know where to turn when it comes to lenses. Do you stick with the telephoto and zoom style lenses like the ones that came with your camera, or do you enter the world of prime lenses? We can tell you right up front that if you're serious about your photography, and if you want to improve, prime lenses are the way to go, and the 50mm focal length is the perfect place to start your prime journey. thephoblographer.com

2018-12-4 11:00

Cheap Photo: Deal Ends Soon! Grab your Complete Photography Tutorials Bundle for $89 and Learn from the Worlds Best

Today is your last chance to save over $2,500 on this incredible photography tutorials bundle. Not only can you give yourself the opportunity to learn from some of the best photographers around for just $89, you'll make a difference in so many lives because your purchase will give back 10% to selected 5DayDeal charities. This is a win, win situation. thephoblographer.com

2018-11-25 08:00