How to Give Your Portraits a Light and Airy Look on Lightroom

Wondering how you can get those clean, and sometimes dreamy portraits with a light and airy look? We've found some easy tips from Chelsea Nicole Photography so you can give it a try on your next portrait project.

 If you're just starting out with portrait and wedding photography, this tutorial is perfect for you.

The light and airy look is popular with photographers who like shooting portraits in natural light because it looks clean, crisp, and even romantic -- which is why it's a favorite for engagement shoots and wedding photography. So, if you like shooting outdoors and in natural light, you're halfway there. She recommends watching her video on shooting tips first if you haven't nailed that one yet. In this other video tutorial, Chelsea Nicole demonstrates part two of the work flow by showing how she edits her photos with the popular look in Lightroom. .

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2018-2-7 11:00

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