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Принимаются работы для участия в International Photography Awards 2019

Международный фотоконкурс International Photography Awards (IPA) в 16-й раз открыл прием работ, традиционно – в двух основных категориях: профессиональной и непрофессиональной, в каждой из которой, по 13 тематических подкатегорий. photowebexpo.ru »

2019-1-14 20:13

What Parallelism Is and How to Use it to Improve Your Photography

I’ve always had a fascination with geometry and man-made structures, their perfection has a strong attraction on me. It took me time to realize that what I appreciated most wasn’t necessarily their symmetry or the simple repetition of shapes but the parallelism between the various elements of the construction of an image. To better understand […] petapixel.com »

2019-1-11 20:27

How is Photography Affecting Us?

In the past two decades, most people went from not carrying a camera to always having a smartphone camera with them at all times. With millions upon millions of photos shot (and shared) every single day, how is this explosion in photography affecting us? Here’s a 10-minute video by WIRED that explores that question. To […] petapixel.com »

2019-1-5 18:00

Ещё не поздно участвовать в конкурсе Sony World Photography Awards

У фотографов всего мира ещё есть время, чтобы принять участие в 12-м ежегодном международном фотоконкурсе Sony World Photography Awards в одном из трех разделов: Профессиональном, Открытом или Юношеском конкурсе. prophotos.ru »

2018-12-11 09:58

Paolo Pettigiani Uses Infrared Photography To Give Us A Different View Of The World

Italian photographer and art director Paolo Pettigiani combines his two passions - graphic design and photography - in one single image, playing with colors, shapes and contrasts. At first glance, his works look like dreamy images from a fantasy movie but in reality he applies a special filter in front of his lens to block the visible light spectrum and isolate only the invisible one. His speciality is infrared photography. boredpanda.com »

2018-12-15 14:28