Panasonic GF10 / GF90 Mirrorless Camera Announced, Only Available in Japan

The Panasonic GF10 / GF90 is a new mirrorless camera aimed at beginners. Accompanied by the strapline "My First Mirrorless", the GF10 / GF90 has a special "4K Selphy" mode that allows you to shoot selfies using the camera's 4K Photo 30fps high speed continuous shooting mode.

The 16 megapixel DC-GF10 also sports a new color, now available in Black, White or Orange, a redesigned grip that looks suspiciously like the one found on the Olympus E-PL8, and it uses Micro SD memory cards.  Sales of the Panasonic GF10 / GF90 will start in Japan on February 22nd 2018. Note that there is no difference in product specifications between the DC-GF10 / DC-GF90 part numbers.


gf90 gf10 panasonic mirrorless camera

2018-2-1 13:00