Panasonic Reveals More S1 Specs, Sample Photos And Hands-On Video At CES 2019

Panasonic Reveals More S1 Specs, Sample Photos And Hands-On Video At CES 2019

Since Panasonic broke the news that it would be launching two new full-frame mirrorless cameras back at the Photokina Show last September, photographers everywhere have been desperate to learn more about the S1/S1R.

Well, Panasonic choose the CES Show in Las Vegas to reveal more specifications about the cameras.

Before we get on to the additional specs though, Panasonic also announced just how much longer photographers will have to wait to get their hands on the S1/S1R, with the brand confirming the cameras will be available at the end of March. The first specification of note is something Panasonic are calling the HLG Photo Mode, which the brand explains; ‘allows images to be shot with a wider dynamic range. By reproducing both glaring lights and dark shadows that are likely to be overexposed or underexposed, the Lumix S achieves rich, precise color expression as close as possible to visual memory. ’

Panasonic's first full-frame cameras will be available from March.

When using the HLG Photo mode, the images are produced as an HSP file, meaning photographers can play back these images on Panasonic’s HLG-compliant 4KTVs, giving additional options to photographers who present images at camera clubs talks or workshops.

The next S1 specification to be unveiled was a High Resolution mode, which will work in conjunction with the S1’s IBIS system. The High Resolution mode works by capturing eight consecutive images shot while shifting the sensor. Panasonic explains that these eight images are ‘synthesized into a single image by the new Venus Engine, which boasts high-speed signal processing’. Panasonic didn’t reveal the exact size of the final High Resolution mode image but did say the mode is ideal for shooting natural landscapes or fine art objects with delicate details.

Along with more information on release date and specifications, Panasonic shared some sample images captured by pro photographer, Daniel Berehulak, in Indonesia using a Panasonic S1 paired with a Lumix S 24-105mm f/4 lens.

This sample image was captured by Daniel Berehulak using the Panasonic S1.

Another sample image from Daniel Berehulak, shot using the 24-105mm f/4 lens.

Lastly, Panasonic also pulled the covers off a hands-on video that follows Daniel Berehulak on a photo trip to Indonesia and sees the photographer offer his opinion on the camera, singling out praise for the low light capabilities and autofocus performance.

Check out the hands-on video here. . .


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