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Video: This is what happens when you make a bullet-time rig out of 15 Raspberry Pi cameras

Canadian photographer Eric Parn be put together as a video to show the person frozen in mid-air as the camera appears to pan around them. The technique, made popular by the fight scenes in the movie The Matrix, requires that the cameras used are all pointing at exactly the same spot and that the shutters are tripped either at the same moment or in sequence. dpreview.com

2020-10-17 21:52

Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II: what you need to know

Intro The Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II are the first time the company has used 'Mark II' branding and it makes sense: these are relatively subtle refreshes of already established cameras. However, while the overall specs of the cameras don't change dramatically, the updates and improvements address a number of key criticisms of the original models and will start to add up for some users. dpreview.com

2020-10-15 14:00

Film Fridays: Dreams come true - discovering a stash of untouched Soviet-era cameras

To any collector/enjoyer of old cameras, the idea of stumbling upon on enormous stash of mint-condition gear, from a long-gone era, is the ultimate dream. And that dream recently became a reality for one lucky gentlemen in Kazakhstan, who discovered hundreds of "brand-new" Soviet-era cameras including the Smena 8M (shown above) packed inside wooden crates and stored in a warehouse, untouched likely since the early 1990's. dpreview.com

2020-10-9 17:00

This Photographer Turned a House into Several Giant Cameras and Made Massive Prints

Photographer Brendan Barryknown the world over for turning just about anything you can think of into a functional camerarecently completed one of his most ambitious projects. He turned a room Custom House in Exeter, UK into a giant camera, which he then used to shoot and develop some massive ultra-large format photos. Notably, this isn’t […] petapixel.com

2020-10-2 18:19

The 10 Most Popular Traditional Digital Cameras According to Flickr

Flickr has seen a little bit of a resurgence of late. The once struggling photo-sharing platform has turned into a buzzing community again. After a quick look at my own Flickr account, I decided to dive deep into the website's metrics to see what the most popular traditional digital cameras are, according to Flickr's data. thephoblographer.com

2020-9-23 19:00

Video: What it's like to photograph hockey games inside the NHL 'bubble'

Like many professional sports, the National Hockey League (NHL) is playing its playoff-only season in a containment bubble to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19 amongst its ranks. In addition to the players, this bubble also requires all team personnel, photographers included, to quarantine and work inside empty arenas that would normally be filled with fans. dpreview.com

2020-8-29 20:07