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European officials expected to announce first image of black hole on April 10

European officials are expected to announce the first ever image of a black hole at a press event scheduled for 15:00 CEST on April 10. The conference will be held by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project, European Commission, and European Research Council, according to an announcement by the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (ESO), and it will involve the presentation of 'a groundbreaking result from the EHT. dpreview.com

2019-4-4 20:45

NBC's Tonight Show filmed its latest episode entirely on the Galaxy S10+ smartphone

There have been iPad commercials shot with iPads and feature films made on iPhones, so why not add a late night television show to the list of jobs smartphones are taking over. Tonight's episode (March 25, 2019) of NBC's Tonight Show will be shot entirely on a Galaxy S10+ smartphone and its wide-angle camera, a bold move to turn not just 30 seconds into a commercial, but the entire episode. dpreview.com

2019-3-26 01:02

These Epic Astrophotography Images Will Make You Reach For The Stars

Spring is just about starting to bloom, but theres still plenty of opportunity to capture the sky at night. Whether it be star trails streaming across the sky or images of the constellations shining bright above our heads, astrophotography can produce some truly inspiring imagery that reminds us just how small we (and our planet) are in the greater scheme of things. digitalrev.com

2019-3-22 03:00

(SR5) First info about the new Samyang 85mm f/1.4 FE lens

Samsung is already teasing the next lens announcement and we know it will be a Samyang 85mm f/1.4 FE lens. We got this info: The lens will be on market by May (SAR note: not sure when the announcement will happen) The lens is a bit shorter and thicker than the version for Canon (SAR […] The post (SR5) First info about the new Samyang 85mm f/1.4 FE lens appeared first on sonyalpharumors. sonyalpharumors.com

2019-3-5 17:04