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Sony confirms pricing, availability for its flagship Xperia 1 II camera-centric smartphone

Sony has announced the price and expected availability date in the United States for its newest flagship smartphone, the Xperia 1 II (pronounced mark two). Announced back in February, the Xperia 1 II is packed full of pro-level photo features, including a triple-camera array, a Sony BIONZ X image processor, Zeiss-branded lenses, continuous shooting up to 20fps and even Sonys animal and human Eye AF feature. dpreview.com

2020-5-25 03:00

Enter to Win a FUJIFILM X100V in Our Street Photography Contest

Were teaming up with FUJIFILM to giveaway A FUJIFILM X100V. In this international photo contest, participants will enter an original street photography image of theirs. The contest, which will be judged by the Phoblographer's staff, will take place over this month and can be entered using your Facebook or Instagram account. Want to win? Check out the rules below. thephoblographer.com

2020-5-4 07:00

ProGrade Digital's new microSDXC cards offer faster speeds at lower prices

ProGrade Digital has released an updated line of UHS-II microSDXC cards that offer improved read and write speeds at a lower cost than ProGrades previous microSDXC lineup. The new microSDXC UHS-II V60 memory cards feature read and burst write speeds up to 250MB/s and 130MB/s, respectively, a 50MB/s increase in both departments compared to their predecessors. dpreview.com

2020-4-30 23:41

These Reactions to a Brooklyn Beckham Photobook Will Make You Laugh

Brooklyn Beckham was never going to be the most liked photographer in the industry. As the son of multi-millionaire superstars, he got one of the biggest legs up any photographer has received. For a teenage boy, as he was at the time, his work wasn't the worst we have ever seen, but it certainly didn't warrant a photobook and gig with Burberry! A few years have passed since he burst onto the scene, but even now, people enjoy giving the 21-year-old celebrity photographer some virtual jabs on social media. thephoblographer.com

2020-4-24 13:00

Under $1,000: 6 Cameras for Self Portraits, Vlogging and So Much More

Quarantine and social distancing have put us in a position that we have little experience with, but not being able to go outside has not stopped us as creators. If you look at any photo-sharing app or even YouTube, you're going to see self-portraits and tutorials on how to take compelling self-portraits, but neither of those talk about the gear that will make taking self-portraits that much easier. thephoblographer.com

2020-4-13 07:00

Canon will livestream product announcements on April 20th

Canon has announced it will be hosting a Virtual Press Conference at 1pm on April 20, 2020 to unveil the companys new professional imaging products and technologies. The press release, embedded below, doesnt specifically say what products Canon has in store, but does say they will be broadcast and cinema products that [align] with the current and growing needs of the respective industries such as 4K UHD and HDR, as well as evolving technologies. dpreview.com

2020-3-31 01:35

Sigma CEO confirms most new products will be exclusively for mirrorless cameras

In a tweet published on March 10, Sigma CEO Kazuto Yamaki shared a bit of information that hints at what products we should most be expecting to see from Sigma in the foreseeable future. In response to a question from Twitter user Terry Ikoma, username @uplink_boss, Yamaki-san said Sigma will put a priority on developing its DN lens lineup for mirrorless camera systems, including full-frame, APS-C and Micro Four Thirds (MFT) systems. dpreview.com

2020-3-17 16:18