How Soon Could AI Make the Photographer Obsolete?

We're aware that this is a bit exteme. But it's surely possible that AI is going to majorly change the way we do things. AI Body Tracking is sort of here. But it's going to explode in a huge way soon.

The New HP ZBook Firefly G8 Targets Photographers Using Macbooks

Every time I hear about laptops targeting creatives, I get really excited. The new HP ZBook Firefly G8 seems to be targeted Macbook users pretty hard. Specifically, in their press release, they claim the weight of their 14-inch variant to be around that of a MacBook Pro 13"! That's impressive.

New Photographers: I’m Begging You to Not Be This Guy

If someone were constantly shooting a flash in your face, how would you react to them? Wouldn't your eyes need a break? It would get annoying and you'd probably want to commit a small act of violence against the offender.

Does the New iPad Pro Offer Anything New for Photographers?

We're not going to lie. We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the new iPad Pro for a while now, and yesterday, Apple finally delivered. The iPad has grown from its early days of being a content consumption device and has grown into a capable content creation device.

APA Gives Photographers Benefits You’ll Only Get from a Full Time Job

When you first decide to become a full-time photographer, one of your biggest fears is losing job benefits. But the truth is that you don't have to. With an organization like American Photographic Artists, photographers can receive a whole lot more than that'd ever thought possible and don't really have to start from scratch.

Cheap Photo: Godox V1 $159, eVOLV 200 $229, Camera Deals Galore

There are still some incredible camera deals, and deep, deep discounts on lighting, tutorials and presets. Did you know that you can still pick up the incredible Flashpoint Zoom Li-On X/Godox V1 for just $159 for all major camera brands? The eVOLV 200 with the barn door kit is also still just $229! There are spectacular camera deals too like the Canon M50 for only $599, and the brand new Canon M6 II with EVF and a lens for only $999! The original Canon M6 is just $399, the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with a lens is now just $1,599, and the Full Frame Nikon D610 with a huge accessory bundle is at the crazy low price of $896.

Here’s an Infographic for Photographers Who Need Extra Cash

You probably don't know it yet, but we're sure you'll find the infographic below very useful one day... or very soon. Given that a good portion of professional creatives like photographers, retouchers, videographers, and graphic designers often lead non-traditional careers, it's a valuable resource for those who are looking for various non-conventional ways to score gigs and some extra cash.

We Don’t Celebrate Living Photographers Enough; Just the Dead Ones

If you ask any landscape photographer who one of their favorites is, I'm positive that they'd say Ansel Adams with nary enough of them waxing on about how fantastic Varina Patel is. And for portraiture shooters? You're bound to get someone talking endlessly about Avedon and not enough about the more specialized work that Lois Greenfield does.

New Format Photo Exhibit Tackles Gender Censorship in Nudity (NSFW)

While there has been an increased appreciation for artful nudity in the recent years, censorship of the female form in particular remains not too far behind on various social media platforms. In response to this, Format has recently unveiled a project that explores the persisting issue through the lens of 49 photographers of different ages, locations, practice, and gender.

Review: Capture One Film Styles (Capture One Pro, New Version)

Capture One Film Styles, as it was properly called, were styles (otherwise known as presets) created by a third party developer. But recently, Capture One decided to make their own. Indeed, with more people coming to Capture One, there are great reasons why they needed to do something like this.

Top 5 Monitors For Photographers (Mid 2017)

If there is one computer accessory that can make or break a photographers processing experience the most, we would think it is hard to argue against that being the monitor. After all, without one, you can't see what the computer is doing, and without a good one you have no idea how your image is actually turning out when you process it.

Gallery Review: Magnum Manifesto at International Center of Photography

"Magnum is. . . ?" That's the big question behind the Magnum Manifesto exhibit set up at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in NYC. The exhibit commemorates the 70th anniversary of the collective started by some of the most famous names in photography history including Robert Capa and Henri-Cartier Bresson.