How Soon Could AI Make the Photographer Obsolete?

We're aware that this is a bit exteme. But it's surely possible that AI is going to majorly change the way we do things. AI Body Tracking is sort of here. But it's going to explode in a huge way soon.

Eventually, you're going to be able to rely on the camera to do almost everything. But at what point are you just pushing a button? We're discussing that in our next episode of Pro Camera Reviews. .

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2021-2-22 20:00

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I Lied To My Girlfriend That I Was Going To Sleep, But I Left Late At Night To Photograph The Snowstorm On The Streets Of My City

After I waited for my girlfriend at the airport late at night, a snowstorm began and I went home with the thought of sleeping. I could not refrain to photographing the desolate city at 4 o'clock. Not even after 10 minutes, my girlfriend called me to tell me if I had to sleep, but I lied to her. »

2019-01-30 02:40