Review: Lens Distortions (Photoshop Actions and Apple iOS App)

Lens Distortions arguably solves the problems that I've been having with photography for a while now: a clinically engineered lack of character into lenses that results in a sterile image which therefore doesn't make me want to purchase a product.

My Photo Project ‘Life Inside A Light Bulb’

I am Adrian Limani an Albanian self-taught photographer.I do different kind of photography and I also do conceptual photos basis in my own photos.This is one of my creative art photo collections that I have named "Life inside a Light bulb".

Используем легальный Photoshop и Lightroom

Запрос “Скачать Photoshop” один из самых популярных в фототематике. Но вы можете использовать Photoshop совершенно легально и очень не дорого. Всем известно, что компания Adobe прекратила продажу пожизненных лицензий на программное обеспечение, полностью перейдя на распространение по подписке посредством сервиса Creative Cloud.

Deal: 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan $88 (Reg $119)

Amazon is selling the 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $88 (Reg $119) today only. You can use this deal for new sign-ups or to extend your current Creative Cloud subscription. 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $88 (Reg $119)

Live Show Recap: Photoshop My Photo!

Live show recap is back! This week Tony and Chelsea tackled Photoshopping your photos. Like what you see? Pre-order our book on Photoshop while it’s still super cheap!  Chelsea made me laugh uncontrollably more than once this episode.


We Surprised The Awesomeness Of Childhood In A Poppy Field

Hello! We are two Romanian creatives, based in Bucharest. We have a gray cat, an apartment photo studio and lots of imagination. Recently we created a little outdoors science-fiction story for two beautiful kids to capture how awesome childhood can be.

The World I Create To Escape Reality

My name is Jorge Barreda and I am a fine art photographer. My freedom has been taken away since I was very little. I've been said what should I do, like or believe in.

Beginner Photography: Multiple Exposures

Hey y’all! As you may know, Tony and Chelsea are away for a few weeks, leading a photo trip in Thailand. We don’t have a live show this week, so I decided to try a photography project: multiple exposures.