I Am Making Simple Photographs Surreal

In the middle of march I have met my friend that told me I have to be more unique creating my Instagram. I always wanted to mix photography with graphic design, even I never wanted to take pictures.

Help Us! Our Father Is A Photographer!

Usually, it’s a gradual transition, you go from zero kids to one kid to two. Gives you time to get used to the havoc. But sometimes, God blesses you with twins, going from zero to two (or rather zero to hundred) in a split of a second.

Getty Images запретил ретушировать тела моделей

После того, как французский закон обязал рекламодателей указывать на фото, что вес модели был отредактирован, фотосток решил больше не принимать подобных изображений. Сервис Getty Images запретил фотографии с ретушированными фигурами – он более не принимает снимки, где размеры тела отредактированы в большую или меньшую сторону.

Adobe Reports Record Revenue in the Third Quarter

Strong Cash Flow and Earnings Highlight Third Quarter Results SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 19, 2017 — Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) today reported financial results for its third quarter fiscal year 2017 ended Sept.

В Photoshop появится новый инструмент – Curvature Pen

Новое перо упростит выделение изогнутых форм на фотографиях. На днях компания Adobe анонсировала новый инструмент для Photoshop – Curvature Pen Tool, “перо кривизны”. Он, вместе с рядом других функций, будет добавлен в графический редактор до конца этого года; правда, конкретных дат пока не называется.

Review: Lens Distortions (Photoshop Actions and Apple iOS App)

Lens Distortions arguably solves the problems that I've been having with photography for a while now: a clinically engineered lack of character into lenses that results in a sterile image which therefore doesn't make me want to purchase a product.

My Photo Project ‘Life Inside A Light Bulb’

I am Adrian Limani an Albanian self-taught photographer.I do different kind of photography and I also do conceptual photos basis in my own photos.This is one of my creative art photo collections that I have named "Life inside a Light bulb".

Используем легальный Photoshop и Lightroom

Запрос “Скачать Photoshop” один из самых популярных в фототематике. Но вы можете использовать Photoshop совершенно легально и очень не дорого. Всем известно, что компания Adobe прекратила продажу пожизненных лицензий на программное обеспечение, полностью перейдя на распространение по подписке посредством сервиса Creative Cloud.

Deal: 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan $88 (Reg $119)

Amazon is selling the 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $88 (Reg $119) today only. You can use this deal for new sign-ups or to extend your current Creative Cloud subscription. 1 Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $88 (Reg $119)

Live Show Recap: Photoshop My Photo!

Live show recap is back! This week Tony and Chelsea tackled Photoshopping your photos. Like what you see? Pre-order our book on Photoshop while it’s still super cheap!  Chelsea made me laugh uncontrollably more than once this episode.


We Surprised The Awesomeness Of Childhood In A Poppy Field

Hello! We are two Romanian creatives, based in Bucharest. We have a gray cat, an apartment photo studio and lots of imagination. Recently we created a little outdoors science-fiction story for two beautiful kids to capture how awesome childhood can be.

The World I Create To Escape Reality

My name is Jorge Barreda and I am a fine art photographer. My freedom has been taken away since I was very little. I've been said what should I do, like or believe in.

Beginner Photography: Multiple Exposures

Hey y’all! As you may know, Tony and Chelsea are away for a few weeks, leading a photo trip in Thailand. We don’t have a live show this week, so I decided to try a photography project: multiple exposures.


How to Use the Color Dodge and Burn Blend Modes in Photoshop

Here’s a 12-minute tutorial from photographer Blake Rudis of f64 Academy that looks at how you can use Photoshop’s dodge and burn blend modes for your photos. The technique allows you to simultaneously dodge and burn your image while color grading at the same time.