Samsung’s New 970 PRO and 970 EVO SSDs Are Crazy Fast, As In 30% Faster Than The 960s

It is the year 2018, hard drives are becoming less and less common in most work focused computers as significantly faster SSD storage has come down in price. SSDs (Solid State Drives) are smaller than ever and they are faster than ever, and no company right now is pushing that need for speed more in the consumer realm than Samsung and their 900 series SSDs.

Seagate Announces New LaCie Rugged RAID Pro 4TB

Seagate and their LaCie branded rugged drives have long been a favorite for the traveling photographers of the world thanks to their ability to keep your data safe through rough and unexpected situations.


Samsung is Making 4TB SSDs Cheaper for Everyone

Samsung has announced that it has begun mass producing the storage industry’s first 4-bit 4-terabyte SSD drives. While Samsung has also unveiled a 30TB SSD and the world’s largest SSD is a staggering 100TB, those are designed for enterprise uses.


The World’s Largest SSD is Now 100TB

It seems the competition for the title of “world’s highest capacity SSD” is heating up. Just a month after Samsung announced an industry-leading 30TB SSD, the bar has just been raised over three times higher.