The Citograph 50mm F2.8 is a Premium Pancake Lens

The idea of a Citograph lens is an exciting one, a true ‘plug and play’ photography experience. Just attach the lens to your camera and start shooting, capturing the world around you; no need to worry about focus, just point and shoot.

C. P. Goerz successfully brought the world’s original 35mm Citograph design into the modern era last year with Kickstarter, and now the company is back with another Citograph, but this one has some interesting tricks up its sleeve. .

citograph lens

2018-3-12 16:00

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New Citograph 35mm f/8.0 pancake FE lens launched on Kickstarter

Goerz officially launched their 35mm f/8. 0 lens on Kickstarter. This is the press release: New Citograph 35mm ‘Always-in-Focus’ Lens will Revolutionize Street Photography (Berlin) C. P. Goerz, a new German startup, announced a Kickstarter campaign today for the Citograph 35mm, a super-compact, always-in-focus tessar-type lens that may very well revolutionize street photography. »

2017-07-06 18:11