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VSCO sues PicsArt for allegedly reverse engineering its filters

An exhibit provided in the complaint that shows PicsArt's Gold subscription platform, which is where VSCO alleges its reverse engineered filters ended up. Visual Supply Company, more commonly referred to as VSCO, has filed a lawsuit against the creators of PicsArt, a photo editing application, claiming the company reverse engineered a number of its photo filters found in its mobile application. dpreview.com »

2019-4-9 21:01

GuruShots Raises $5M for Its Crowd-Based Photo Game

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based startup GuruShots has raised $5 million in Series A funding for its crowd-based real-world photography game, which gamifies photography for enthusiasts around the world. The funding, led by Altair Capital, Buran Venture Capital, and Ervington Investments Limited, brings GuruShots’ total funding to $6.5 million and will help the company accelerate its […] petapixel.com »

2019-3-25 20:16

Polarr Raises $11.5M in VC Funding to Advance Its AI Photo Software

The mobile photo-editing app startup Polarr has announced that it just raised another $11.5 million in Series A funding as it continues to capitalize on the boom in smartphone photography. VentureBeat reports that the round was led by Threshold Ventures with participation from Cota Capital and Pear Ventures. Founded by Stanford grad and ex-Googlers Borui […] petapixel.com »

2019-3-14 19:17


In 2014 Relio was among the first to launch an ultra-portable cube-shaped LED light. Now, the company has unveiled an updated version of its original product, the Relio The company says its light offer 'extreme color fidelity' (up to 98% native TLCI) and let's you download spectral data for its lights, making them an interesting option for any color-critical lighting applications. dpreview.com »

2019-3-5 00:26

Video: A look at the gear and tech used for crash test photography

The nonprofit U. S. organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) published a video that gives viewers a brief look behind-the-scenes at its vehicle crash test photography. During the five minute video, which was published in 2015, IIHS VP of Media Operations and Production Pini Kalnite walks viewers through how the organization produces its high-quality crash footage and images, including everything from its custom-built lighting array to its high-speed cameras. dpreview.com »

2019-2-1 22:37

Photo chemistry manufacturer and supplier Tetenal Europe faces closure

Photo chemistry manufacturer and supplier Tetenal Europe GmbH is reportedly set to close up shop after a prolonged search for new investors failed to secure its future. Under voluntary insolvency protection since last October, the German-based firm is set to complete its current production run and close its doors at the end of the financial year on April 1st, according to a report on the German imaging + foto contact website. dpreview.com »

2019-1-30 01:57

Irix confirms its lenses are 'fully compatible' with Canon's EOS R camera

Swiss lens manufacturer Irix has announced its lens lineup is completely compatible with Canon EOS R cameras when attached using Canon's EF to EOS R adapter. In an announcement post on its website, Irix says 'it is possible to control the aperture from the camera' and notes that all metadata is transferred properly from the lens to the camera including focusing distance and other exposure details. dpreview.com »

2019-1-1 18:47

Sony removes a7/R III firmware version 2.0 from its website, says it's 'working on the issue'

Two months after releasing firmware version 2. 0 for its a7 III (Windows, MacOS) and a7R III (Windows, MacOS) mirrorless cameras, Sony has removed the firmware update from its website. At the top of the download pages for Sony's a7 III and a7R III firmware, an update read: IMPORTANT: We apologize for the inconvenience, but the release of this software update has been delayed. dpreview.com »

2018-12-9 23:36

Video: Shooting a portrait on a 20x24 instant(ish) camera in Vienna

Marco Krenn of YouTube channel Analog Things has shared a video showcasing a 20x24 Wisner camera, including the process of capturing and developing a photo with it. The camera, which is located at Supersense in Vienna, Austria, is presented in great detail throughout the ten minute video, with Krenn taking a look at the ground glass and paper holder, as well as the lens, inside the bellows, and the final portrait. dpreview.com »

2018-11-8 22:25