The Panasonic G9 is Claiming to Have the World’s Fastest Autofocus Speed

The Panasonic G9 looks to be one of the company's most serious mirrorless cameras to date; and when you look at the thing, everything about it makes you think about a Canon 5D series camera but in mirrorless form.

I mean, look at it, thee body resembles a DSLR so much. The Panasonic G9 has a 20. 3MP Four Thirds sensor at the heart, 6. 5 stop of IS compensation, claims the world's fastest autofocus speed, 20fps shooting in continuous autofocus, 60fps in single autofocus and all of that at 20. 3MP. Yes, that's insane. But there's even more. .

autofocus panasonic

2017-11-8 12:00

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