This Dope Refurbished Leica M4-P is Blue and Yours for $956

Still looking for a cool vintage Leica to your camera collection? A refurbished Leica M4-P we spotted could fit the bill for you.  Once in a while, we come across some unusual but also cool vintage cameras than can grab the attention of photographers and camera collectors. A good example is a refurbished Leica M4-P

leica m4-p refurbished

2019-8-13 22:00

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Vintage Camera Review: Leica M4-P (Leica M Mount)

If you ever happen to stumble on a deal like I did with the Leica M4-P, then snag it as soon as you possibly can. In many ways, the Leica M4-P is one of the most perfect all analog cameras. While the Leica M6 goes a step further and incorporates the inclusion of a working light meter while allowing the camera to operate completely and totally mechanically at all shutter speeds, the Leica M4-P is essentially the Leica M6 without a light meter. »

2018-03-27 07:00