Film Emulsion Review: Kodak TMax P3200 (35mm, New Version)

It started with Kodak teasing the new Kodak TMax P3200 on Instagram and Twitter--much unlike Ektachrome, Kodak TMax P3200 is actually real and you can buy it immediately. Indeed, they brought it back from the dead as the black and white film world was severely lacking in any sort of variety when it came to high ISO black and white films.

The Digital Photographer’s Introduction to Kodak Film

If you're a photographer that only recently got into film, you'll need to understand a number of things about Kodak. The once mighty company still makes and manufactures film but their coffers are nowhere as large as they used to be.

Film Emulsion Review: Ilford Delta 400 (35mm and 120)

While I really do enjoy the look of Kodak Tri-X 400, almost nothing in black and white has made me drool like Ilford Delta 400.  Ilford Delta 400 I always felt delivered those inky, beautiful black levels that I've alway been smitten with.

Review: MS Optics 28mm f2 Pancake Lens (Leica M Mount)

The MS Optics 28mm f2 Pancake lens offering is a lens that should be permanently glued to a Leica CL if you have one. Now, don't go doing that for real now, but more to the point this is a lens that really should be glued on.

KONO! Films Now Come in Single Rolls

Heads up, film photographers! If you're looking for some new and experimental films to try, KONO! has recently made their selection of films available for purchasing in single rolls. This makes sampling their funky films easier on the pocket, especially if you're more keen on variety than quantity for testing them out.

Review: Kodak TMax 400 (35mm and 120)

These reviews of film here on La Noir Image have always been targeted more towards the digital photographer out there. So as you're reading this and are wondering what digital simulation best compares to Kodak T-Max 400, know that you can get it from Olympus.

After 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 45 Cut Sheet Film Will No Longer Be in Production

Today, Fujifilm officially announced that after 2019, Fujifilm Acros 100 4x5 cut sheet film will no longer be in production. This statement is currently being applied only to the 4x5 cut sheet film and it is currently unclear if it will apply to the 35mm, 120 and large format emulsion offerings, but we will confirm this in the morning.

Rikard Landberg: Falling in Love With Kodak Tri-X

Photographer Rikard Landberg has been featured on the Phoblographer before for his humor that he finds in street photography. He applied to be featured in our upcoming Analog zine and we felt his work to be good enough to feature here on the website. So here's his story.

Jeb Inge: On Getting Back into Film Photography

There are a ton of photographers out there who started in film, then went digital, and eventually went back to film: and Jeb Inge is one of those shooters. This year he took the big leap and sold all of his digital equipment.

Review: Capture One Pro Film Styles (Capture One Pro 10)

For a fairly long time now, I've ditched Lightroom for Capture One and I couldn't be happier. But something that I've missed is having film profiles for my images--if not because they didn't necessarily look like film, because I just genuinely liked the look of the photos.

Film Review: Kodak Tri-X 400 (35mm and 120; Various Formats)

Arguably the most famous black and white film of our time has to be Kodak Tri-x 400; it's been with photojournalists for years and years. These days though, most folks can't tell the difference between Kodak Tri-x 400 and so many other emulsions on the market.

Street Photography and Kodak Tri-X Film: 62 Years of Going With The Grain

In recent years, thanks in part to social media and the ease with which participants can share images, street photography has enjoyed unprecedented popularity. A generation of digital cameras, inspired in part by the classic tools of street shooters, has combined with the power of social networks and easy image sharing to empower a new generation of photographers to embrace street photography.

Review: JCH StreetPan 400 Film (35mm Film)

It's rare when a new film hits the market--but it would make a whole lot of sense that someone like Bellamy Hunt decides to create one. Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 film is an emulsion available in 35mm and was developed to really be shot in low light situations.