Twitters Photo Cropping Algorithm Draws Heat for Possible Racial Bias

Back in January of 2018, Twitter introduced an auto-cropping AI that detects the most interesting part of your image and crops the ‘preview’ photo to match. This works with everything from airplane wings to people, but as one engineer showed this weekend, it may suffer from some inherent bias. Over the weekend, cryptographic engineer Tony […]

These Reactions to a Brooklyn Beckham Photobook Will Make You Laugh

Brooklyn Beckham was never going to be the most liked photographer in the industry. As the son of multi-millionaire superstars, he got one of the biggest legs up any photographer has received. For a teenage boy, as he was at the time, his work wasn't the worst we have ever seen, but it certainly didn't warrant a photobook and gig with Burberry! A few years have passed since he burst onto the scene, but even now, people enjoy giving the 21-year-old celebrity photographer some virtual jabs on social media.

Social Media: A Photographers Curse and Why I Chose To Break Free

Social media has become such an integral part of a photographer's journey. I myself had become so immersed in it that Id spend a large portion of my day on apps like Instagram and Twitter. Building profiles, portraying the perfect life and living for likes, it absorbs so many of us, including myself.

Mike Campau Explores the Anti-Social Realities of Social Media

Social media has been making a big impact of today's generation, not only for making personal connections but also for building a professional network. As such, it has been consuming a big chunk of our daily activities and demanding so much of our attention, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

Twitter Trained an AI to Help Auto-Crop Your Photos Better

Twitter has just announced that auto-cropping of photos on the social networking service will be producing much better results thanks to a new neural network that has been trained for the task. Twitter has been a platform for photo sharing since 2011, but cropping shared photos into neat previews has been a challenge for developers. […]

Photographer Flips Off Musician After Being Called Out for Using Flash

Musician Ryan Adams got into another very public scuffle with a photographer this week. Midway through his set at the 2017 Gasparilla Music Festival, Adams, who suffers from Menieres disease, called out photographer Joe Sale for using flash photography and potentially putting the musician’s health at risk. Menieres disease is an inner ear disorder, and […]

This Drone Photo Helped Save a Man and His Dog from Their Flooded Home

This is one of the best “Internet saves the day” stories we’ve run across. When a filmmaker in North Carolina took his drone out to survey the damage done by Hurricane Matthew, he inadvertently helped rescue a man and his elderly dog who were trapped in a flooded house. You can’t make this stuff up. […]

Instagram Set to Overtake Twitter as a News Source

The photo-centric social media app Instagram looks set to overtake Twitter as a news source, according to a new report on digital news. Reuters Institute has published its Digital News Report 2020, and one of the interesting findings is how much Instagram has surged as a news source among young people. Since 2018, the use […]

Twitter to Start Labeling Deceptively Altered Photos and Video

Following hot on the heels of Instagram’s new (and at times controversial) “False Information” warning, Twitter has just announced its own policy around labeling and warning users about photos and videos that have been “deceptively altered” and manipulated.

Obamas Photo and Quote Breaks the Record for Most-Liked Tweet

Twitter just announced that a photo and quote Tweeted out by former President Barack Obama has become the most liked Tweet of all time on the social media platform. On August 12th, 2017, Obama Tweeted out a photo of himself smiling at a racially diverse group of kids. The caption was a Nelson Mandela quote […]

Useful Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet, 2017 Edition

There are more ways than ever to get your photography noticed onlinefrom photo sharing platforms like Instagram to online resume site LinkedIn. If you intend to use them all, we definitely suggest you give this handy social media image size infographic a peek.