I Used A Fridge Magnet In A Dramatic Miniature Photoshoot

I used my Fridge magnet to make this diorama and it was quite interesting and easy to make this conceptual art. I am professional Photographer so i am always looking for some interesting ideas and i work in Miniature diorama especially.

I Recreate Miniature Versions Of Places I See In My Dreams

I created miniature versions of the places I saw in my dreams. It took me about two months to create all of them. I saw these places in my dreams and it was a bit challenging to turn my imagination into reality but the whole process was fun and awesome.

How I Create Epic “Outdoor” Scenes Almost Without Spending Any Money

I am commercial still life photographer but I love creative or conceptual photoshoots. I love to do miniature photography and what I love about my art is that I can turn my fantasies into reality. Being a miniature photographer, I always think of something new and something everyone can do.

I Created This Awesome Location In My Studio

I am commercial still life photographer but i love creative or conceptual photoshoots. So I had an idea to create my own location in my studio for the beautiful beast. I did not use anything expensive, some polystyrene sheets for castle, homemade foliage, baking powder for snow and some paints.

I Created A Hangar From My Studio

I really love doing miniature photography. its endless what you can do with it and do it the way you want to. Photography is a serious business but i do photography i way i enjoy it.


I Made These Vintage Cars Diorama

i created these scale model diorama of vintage cars. These are some iconic Cars which is forgotten in new world so i tried pay tribute to some old beasts. i used 1:28 scale model and very basic materials to create these diorama.

I Went To Space From My Studio

As a miniature conceptual photographer, I did lots of projects. I did series on miniature cars, jets, helicopters and landscape. But this is my personally favourite because I loved working on this project.

It Took Me 50 Hours To Make My Own Island

I Love to do miniature photography and what I love about my art is that I can create my fantasies into reality. I am very much into my creative conceptual photography even if it's still life or Miniature photography.

I Did A Dramatic Miniature Photoshoot Of The Satans Ride

I did this miniature photo shoot using everyday things and some scraps. It's very easy to do Photoshoot of products but I love to do a miniature photo shoot with the whole concept and dramatic effect. Creativity is all about observation.


Race Of The Miniature Beasts

I created miniature race series between Scale models of BMW Z4 and PORSCHE 911. I used very basic Supplies to create the dioramas and Results are awesome. Final Scene is yet to post so please follow me on the Instagram to see the Result.