Don’t Miss Out On These Huge Mirrorless Camera Sales!

If you've been saving up for a new camera, now's the time to buy! You can grab a Canon EOS R for just $1,599! The OM Digital Solutions (Olympus) E-M1X is only $1,999. If you’ve been eyeing the Sony a7 III, now you can get one for $1,698! The a7r II is $1,598, the a7r III is $2,298, and the a7r IV is just $2,998! You can save $1,000 on the Sony a9 as well! Then there are massive deals from Pansonic.

Canon Could Have Big Plans for EOS M Cameras in 2021

Canon's EOS M cameras are, let's say, interesting. There have been a couple of success stories from this line of cameras. Still, for the most part, the cameras have been forgettable. We will say that interest in the cameras is decent in Japan.

Opinion: Pentax Has Apparently Realized That DSLRs Can Capture Video

2020 has thrown many curveballs at us, but nobody saw this one coming. Pentax is apparently working on a new APS-C DSLR that will be video forward. Over the last few years, we have seen some incredible developments in the world of Mirrorless cameras and their video capabilities.

Good News: The Canon EOS R5 Doesn’t Seem Needlessly Crippled

There has been a ton of news recently about the upcoming Mirrorless Canon EOS R5. While we have all been super excited about the development announcements so far, we have all been sitting back waiting to hear that there would be some major comprises somewhere in the camera and its feature set.

The EIZO ColorEdge CS2731 Monitor Can Power Your Laptop via USB-C

One of the most overlooked photography accessories is the humble PC monitor. We stare at these screens for hours upon hours when we edit our photos and videos, yet rarely do we make sure that it is doing an excellent job for us in terms of calibration and making sure that it can display the Adobe's RGB color space, and that's where EIZO comes in.

The Kingston DC1000M NVMe Will Handle Large RAWs, 4K Video Easily

Modern Mirrorless and DSLR cameras are fantastic; there are no two ways about it. One thing that isn't so great, though, is the ever-increasing file sizes that these new cameras push out. These days you need pretty beefy computers with tons of RAM, additional GPU's and fast storage if you want to have any sort of efficient workflow.

5 Cameras That Pull Double Duty for Hybrid Shooters (Photo and Video)

Long gone are the days when cameras were made just for photography. While there are some cameras out there that focus on either videography only, or photography only, they are few and far between. Nowadays, we are presented with options from camera manufacturers that can do both well, which no doubt pleases hybrid shooters to no end.

If the Fujifilm X-H2 Ever Sees the Light of Day, This Is What it Will Need

The Fujifilm X-H1 was an exciting camera when it was launched by Fujifilm in early 2018. The X-H1 quickly became the Fujifilm Flagship, and it was the first of their cameras to offer IBIS. As great as the X-H1 was, it was quickly overshadowed by the Fujifilm X-T3 with its sleeker retro looks and a more powerful sensor.

The Fujifilm X-A7 Is Small in Size, Big on Features

Fans of small, compact cameras will be pleased to hear that Fujifilm has announced a new camera in their X-A series; the Fujifilm X-A7. This small, lightweight, yet feature-packed camera promises to be great for both photographers, and videographers who like to travel light, but who still want the power of an APS-C sensor with them.

The Nimble Parrot ANAFI FPV Drone Puts You Right in the Cockpit

Over the last few years, drones have become increasingly popular in not only the videography world but in the photography world as well. These small drones enable us to get to places that would otherwise be impossible to reach, and they let us see the world from a unique point of view.

Do Photographers Need the New Mac Pro or Is it Complete Overkill?

During the recent WWDC (one of Apple's yearly events) the long awaited new Mac Pro made it's appearance up on the stage under the spotlights. There is no doubt that the new Mac Pro has been designed with creators in mind, but is this something that photographers need? Do we really need the type of power that the Mac Pro has to be able to edit photos? Join us after the break for more details about the new Mac Pro.

Why Nobody Really Gives a Crap About Bokeh and Blurry Backgrounds (Apart From Ourselves)

Over the last few years it seems as though bokeh and smooth creamy backgrounds have become the one thing that we as photographers and videographers obsess about. We'll go out and buy huge, heavy lenses with fast apertures that cost as much as a small used car just so we can see that blur out half of our images, but do non photographers really even care about it? Does it really make that much difference outside of your circle of photography friends? After the break we have a video for you from Camera Conspiracies that takes a look at this obsession. 

Could The New Fujifilm and Panasonic Organic Sensors Replace X Trans?

The world of technology is moving along at a blistering pace which means we get more and more advanced cameras hitting the streets all the time. Fujifilm and Panasonic teamed up a few years ago to create a completely new type of organic sensor so that they could not only make advancements in technology, but so that they could try to steal some market share back from Sony who supply most of the worlds camera sensors.

Meyer Optik P75II Bokeh and Art Lens Creates Bokeh-licious Videos

While touted to be an advanced version of the rare Primoplan 75 lens, the Meyer Optik P75II art and bokeh lens is more than just for portraits. In a recent video by Meyer Optik Goerlitz, we get to see how this improved version holds up for making videos. 

8 Reasons Why Photographers Should Learn Video as Well

As photographers, it is very easy to focus on stills and ignore the world of videography. However, video is an increasingly powerful tool and understanding it can benefit your work and career as a stills photographer.

Why Focus by Wire Systems in Camera Lenses Suck

“Focus by wire” is a system found in many camera lenses these days. Here’s a 9-minute video by TheCameraStoreTV that takes a look at what “focus by wire” is and some reasons it isn’t that great.


Breaking News: NAB 2020 Cancelled Because of Coronavirus

NAB 2020 has been cancelled. The National Association of Broadcasters has decided to follow in the footsteps of CP+, MWC, SWSX and others by cancelling the 2020 expo in April in the interest of “keeping the community safe and healthy.