This Pink Olympus XA2 Is an Extremely Rare Commemorative Edition

If your camera collection is comprised mainly of rarities and curiosities, our latest vintage find is certainly worthy of your attention: an extremely rare pink Olympus XA2 with matching flash. Chances are you've never heard of it -- it's a testament to how rare it is! Whether you're yet to get your hands on an XA2 or simply have a penchant for intriguing editions, this could be a candidate for the next addition to your collection -- if you're willing to look past the fact that it's pink!

This US Navy Canon New F-1 Body Is Up for Grabs for $348

It's been a while since our last vintage find, so we're excited to share another interesting item we spotted on ebay. Today, it's something for collectors of military memorabilia and military-issued vintage cameras: a Canon New F-1 35mm SLR body that is still in working condition.

Apparently, Weve Been Using TLR Cameras Wrong All This Time

Twin Lens Reflex cameras continue to enjoy the interest and fascination of today's film photographers for their unique handling and features, as well as evoking vintage nostalgia. However, these very characteristics also seem to be perplexing for a good number of people that the first question that pops in has always been, "How do you shoot with this thing?"

A Super Rare Mint Konica Hexar 72 Half-Frame is Up for Grabs

The Konica Hexar in itself is already quite a coveted item among film photographers and vintage camera collectors, and can go for a substantial amount of cash when sold in mint condition. Enter the even more valuable and rare half-frame version of this iconic 35mm rangefinder camera: the Konica Hexar 72 in mint condition.

Heres Your Chance to Snag a Super Rare Nikon S3M

Looking for the next vintage beauty to add to your gang of awesome and rare cameras? Today's find is without a doubt on the wishlist of every hardcore Nikon fan and camera collector out there: a super rare Nikon S3M package.

Grab This Rare Lamperti and Garbagnati Aerial Camera for $10,000

If artifacts and items from a bygone era is your thing, we're sure our latest vintage find will fascinate you. This very rare item may very well be one of the very first aerial cameras made. It could even be the only one of its model ever made! Go ahead and check it out to see if it's something you'd like to add to your collection.

This Rare Leica IIIf was Made for the Swedish Army in 1956

It's time once again for us to share our latest vintage find to those of you who are keen on expanding your camera collection with another rare addition. This time, it's another early edition Leica which not only comes in stunning black color and some brassing here and there, but also a fascinating military history.

This $14,000 Super Rare Aerial Camera Was Designed to Shoot Horizons

Heads up, camera collectors! If you've been waiting for our next awesome vintage finds on ebay, we're back with another item to pique the interest of you curious lot out there. This time, it's an interesting and rare aerial horizon camera (at least what we think it is) with a hefty price tag to match.

This Stunning 24K Gold Leica M4-2 is Yours for $19,999

Another day, another rare vintage camera to drool over! Our latest find is yet another stunning rare item that's guaranteed to make a fine addition to our camera shelves -- and put a dent in our wallets: a 24K Gold Leica M4-2 with a matching German-made 50mm f1.4 Summilux lens.

This Gold-Plated and Amber-Covered Leica Standard is Yours for $3,500

For today's vintage gem from the depths of ebay, we spotted possibly one of the most luxurious-looking Leica cameras out there. Gold-plated and clad in Royal White Baltic Amber, this Leica Standard will definitely make any photographer or vintage collector feel like royalty.

This Super Rare Nikon I Rangefinder from 1948 is Yours for $27,445

Are you a photographer with a passion for rare rangefinders or a vintage collector on the lookout for historic pieces? Our recent ebay find is definitely a catch for you. This super rare Nikon I rangefinder that goes all the way back to 1948 would make a great addition to your collection if you have some serious cash to burn.

This Rare Nikon F2 Titan is Yours for Less Than $1,000

SLR cameras are among the most popular vintage cameras today not only for film photographers but also for serious collectors. If you consider yourself both, you might be interested in our latest ebay find: a rare, fully-mechanical Nikon F2 Titan.

This Rare Nikon F2 Titan is Yours for Less than $1,000

SLR cameras are among the most popular vintage cameras today not only for film photographers but also for serious collectors. If you consider yourself both, you might be interested in our latest ebay find: a rare, fully-mechanical Nikon F2 Titan.

This $10,000 Leica M6 is Most Likely Something You Havent Seen Before

Now that we've already settled whywe're all suckers for the Leica M6, it's time for us to share our latest Leica find from the vintage wonderlands of ebay. Today, the spotlight is on an intriguing and very rare Leica M6 simply dubbed "Leica Post M6", one of which is listed for a dollar shy of $10,000.

This Very Rare Hasselblad MKWE Was Apparently Made for NASA

Once in a while, our hunt for the coolest photography gear on ebay lead to some intriguing results. Today is one of those days. Our latest find is a Hasselblad MKWE, which has earned the nickname NASA Hasselblad for one special feature in its design.

A Rare Military-Issued Leica M4 M is Up for Grabs on ebay

Here's another one for Leica fans and military memorabilia collectors out there. From the depths of ebay come another rare Leica artifact, a US Military-issued Leica M4 M. If you missed your chance on the military version of the Leica KE-7A, you might want to make space on your shelves for this impressive piece.

Heres Your Chance to Own a Bargain Leica M2 Prototype

It's a known fact that Leica cameras are by no means cheap, but significant price reductions do occasionally pop up even in the realm of super rare versions. Take for example this "bargain" Leica M2 prototype body that is still up for grabs on ebay for US $19,999.

This Minox B Gold is a Luxury Spy Camera for Your Collection

It wasn't too long ago when we gave everyone a heads up that spy film is back for those cool Minox subminiature cameras. If you're keen on trying out espionage photography but don't have something to shoot with yet, this super rare ebay find seems like a good choice -- especially if you have a taste for the luxurious stuff!

This Polaroid 100 Land Camera Prototype is Going for an Insane Price

Vintage cameras can go for insane prices -- either insanely cheap or insanely expensive. Many of our latest ebay finds seem to be on the latter side of the spectrum. Case in point is a possible prototype of a Polaroid 100 Land Camera listed at a whopping US $6,000.01.

This $24,995 Nikon F3 Camera is One of 50 Cameras Made

Been dreaming of expanding your vintage camera collection with something cool from NASA? We've once again spotted one such item that would make any aspiring cosmonaut-slash-photographer drool. One of the rare Nikon F3 cameras that NASA modified for taking out of this world photos is currently up for grabs on ebay.

This Really Melted Focusing Screen Came out of a Nikon FM2

In today's case of "things that make photographers uncomfortable," we've come across an image of a Nikon FM2's focusing screen that was severely warped and bent. If you've ever needed proof that you shouldn't simply point your camera straight at the sun, this is certainly a good one.

5 Common Problems to Look for When Buying Vintage Cameras

Who doesnt enjoy the thrill of finding that gem of a camera in your local thrift store, flea market or the garage sale down the street? Thousands of old film cameras hit the used market each and every day, and in Nick Mayos recent video series he gives as he calls it a somewhat of a comprehensive field guide on the subject matter.

This Video Of A Vintage Camera Repair Man Will Inspire You To Shoot Film

Since the digital photography revolution, it was an especially challenging period of time for die-hard film lovers to adapt or change. Some have clung on to the art of nostalgic analog photography, and Gian Luigi Carminati carried on this tradition by spending his entire life repairing cameras.