A Radioactive Lens

Between the 1940s and 1970s, a number of camera manufacturers designed lenses employing thoriated glass in one or more elements. Incorporating as much as 40% thorium dioxide (ThO2) in the glass mixture increases the index of refraction of the glass while maintaining low dispersion.

Using a 140-Year-Old Lens on a $15,000 RED Camera

How does a 140-year-old lens perform on a modern $15,000 cinema camera? Photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern wanted to find out, so he paired his ancient (by photography standards) lens with a 5K RED camera to see what would result.

The ONA Campbell Series Was Inspired by Vintage Lens Cases

Leave it ONA to take the idea of the lens case and find a way to make it super pretty--that's what the new ONA Campbell series of bags are all about. You see, these aren't really bags at all. Instead, they're straight up lens cases.

The Legendary 1910 Emil Busch Glauker 3.1 is Now on IndieGogo

It has been over 100 years since Emil Busch introduced his Glauker 3.1, which would turn out to be one of the most advanced and important lenses of its era. A huge trend in the global photography lens market these days, thanks to mirrorless mounts making older lens designs easily adaptable to modern cameras, has been updating classic lenses for modern use.

Nikon Servicing Vintage Cameras and Lenses in Japan for a Limited Time

Camera companies usually limit their repair services to newer camera and lens models that have plenty of replacement parts in stock, but Nikon is doing something different over in Japan: for a limited time, the company is offering to service your vintage, discontinued manual focus cameras and lenses. For a fee, Nikon will perform a […]

Elizaveta Porodina Channels the 1960s It Girl with Retro-Inspired Portraits

When it comes to portrait photography, I find myself gravitating towards themes and styles that go beyond straightforward portraiture. Nothing against the usual posed model shots, but portrait projects that tell a story, reinvent a style, or emulate a concept are simply inspirational in my book.

Why You Should Look Into Shooting with Vintage Lenses

Vintage lenses seem to be increasingly popular nowadays, and not just in the hipster crowds. In this 5-minute video,photographer Mark Holtzelooks at why some people are picking up (and dusting off) old vintage lenses instead of their more modern equivalents.

More Vintage Revivals, Leica Announces New Thambar-M 90mm F2.2

Can any vintage or legendary camera brands, products, or services of the past who are interested in being revived for modern photographers please raise their hands? We need to get a head count because it seems that 2017 is the year of the revival here in the photography world and that trend continues here today with Leicas announcement of their new Thambar-M 90mm F2.2.

Duo to Bring Back Emil Buschs 1910 Glaukar 91mm f/3.1Portrait Lens

A pair of photographers with ties to German lens maker Meyer Optik want to bring the 107-year-old Emil Busch 91mm portrait lens back to life with their Kickstarter project. Fashion photographer Benedikt Ernst and portrait photographer Firat Bagdu have partnered with optical engineer Wolfdieter Prenzel in this reinvention project. In 1910, Emil Busch introduced the […]

This Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is Almost an Impulse Buy

Maybe it has something to do with the classic and cool vintage design, but this Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is one that seems perfect for every collector. The bag's exterior is covered with the original Kodak Instamatic camera emblazoned all over it.

This Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag Is Almost an Impulse Buy

Maybe it has something to do with the classic and cool vintage design, but this Kodak Instamatic Messenger Bag is one that seems perfect for every collector. The bag's exterior is covered with the original Kodak Instamatic camera emblazoned all over it.

Polaroid is a New Horror Film About a Haunted Instant Camera

Love photography? Love horror films? Maybe this one is for you: Polaroid is a new film — the kind you watch, not the kind you load into a camera — coming out this year that combines voodoo, demons, and photography into one terrifying movie.

Turn a Cheap Vintage Lens into a DIY Selective Focus Lens for $10

Lensbaby’s creative selective focus lenses like the Composer Pro will run you around $400; even the relatively affordable Spark costs $90. If all of that sounds too expensive for your taste, you should definitely check out this hacked version Mathieu Stern created for just 30 bucks! Stern’s penchant for weird lenses and optical experimentation led […]

The Minolta AF-S V Talker Was an 80s Camera That Spoke to You

Back in 1984, Minolta launched a camera called the Minolta AF-S V. Marketed in the United States as the “Minolta Talker,” the camera would actually speak to the photographer using it. If you’ve reached the end of your roll of film, the camera will tell you to “Load Film!” And if you’re trying to shoot […]

This Vintage Nikon Camera is Made of Chocolate

Here’s a camera that provides smooth results… on your taste buds. Over in the UK, the chocolate shop The Amazing Chocolate Workshop is selling a vintage Nikon SLR camera created entirely of luxury Italian chocolate.

MINTs SLR670s Noir Is The Polaroid Youve Dreamed Of

Today MINT has announced their latest modernized Polaroid offering in the form of the SLR-670s Noir, an upgraded and improved Polaroid SX-70 with two new auto modes and a manual mode. If you are an old Polaroid than this could be a camera that you want to get your hands on.

This $70 Old Projector Lens Captures Intense Swirly Bokeh

The Carl Zeiss Kipronar 120mm f/1.9 is a vintage cinema projector lens that was designed to beam images rather than capture photos, but you can mount it to modern cameras using adapters. Photographer Mathieu Stern created a homemade adapter after buying the lens for $70 and has been delighted by the “insane swirly bokeh” that […]

I Photographed This Abandoned House

These abandoned houses continue to blow me away! Hidden in the French countryside lies this abandoned house. Once inside it was like stepping straight back into the fifties. Enjoy the pictures.

I Want To Show The Beauty Of 35mm Film

I love 35mm photography. Especially since Instagram came on the scene, before then I had spent time creating the right Photoshop effects to create that vintage feel - suddenly, everyone was doing the same on an app - and I was frustrated.

Coming Of Age In Americas Bible Belt

These images are inspired by the timeless nostalgia and experiences that are characteristic of coming of age in Louisiana. Isolated from America's more progressive culture, this series represents that awkward gap between my teenage years and adulthood that characterized the epicenter of my my deepest identity struggle.

This Man Collects Mid-Century Modern Cameras

David Silver is a San Francisco-based camera collector who began collecting vintage cameras as a young man, eventually amassing over 2,300 of them. He has since developed a focus and whittled his collection down to a little over 200 of them.

This First-Ever Solar Eclipse Photo Was Shot in 1851

For those in North America, the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017, could be the most photographed, viewed, and observed eclipse of all time. But back in 1851, cameras were in short supply, and that was the year the very first photograph was taken of a solar eclipse. The photo, shown above and below, was […]

Jollylook is the First Cardboard Folding Instant Film Camera

Jollylook is a new vintage-style folding camera for shooting Fuji Instax Mini instant film. It’s also the first camera of its kind to be made of cardboard and recycled paper. “Jollylook uses less materials than used in the packaging of a regular camera,” the Ukrainian startup says.