BlackRapid: Beware Counterfeit Strap Hardware, It’ll Void Your Warranty

BlackRapid is taking to social media to warn customers about counterfeit hardware being bundled into kits by some retailers. Not only can the hardware put your gear at risk, but any damage that results from using counterfeit gear will not be covered by the warranty on your authentic BlackRapid gear. “It has recently come to […]


Nikon Is Ending Free D600 Sensor Dust Repairs in 2020

Remember the Nikon D600 sensor dust issue? The problem—and resulting service advisory—dominated the headlines for a couple of years, from the time the issue first surfaced in 2012 until Nikon announced it would fix all D600s for free in 2014.

PSA: Buy a Gray Market Sigma Lens, Pay an Extra $250 for Servicing

So-called “gray market” products are popular in the world of photography, but buying your Sigma gear through an unauthorized reseller will cost you in the long run. Not only will Sigma not honor the warranty on gray market products, they’ll actually charge you extra to fix them. Gray market usually refers to buying genuine gear […]


Lexar’s Warranty System is Being Held Up by US Govt Approval

After shuttering its Lexar memory card business in June 2017, Micron sold the brand just 3 months later to the Chinese flash storage company Longsys and now Lexar cards are back from the grave. But Lexar is still waiting for US government approval, and the brand’s warranty process is at a standstill because of it. […]

Sigma Extends Camera Gear Warranty to Cover Hurricane Victims

Sigma has announced that it will extend the warranty on its camera gear to products that have been damaged or destroyed by the hurricanes that have recently devastated regions of the United States. If your equipment is under warranty and was damaged due to Hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria, Sigma will provide free repairs or […]