I Shot My First Wedding and Didnt Mess It All Up. Heres What I Learned.

My name is Alex Hengen, and I’m a non-pro, non-wedding photographer. Last year I took a few pictures at my sister’s wedding, and my cousin, having his own wedding coming up, saw some of my shots on Facebook and asked if I would photograph their wedding. I agreed. I had 8 full months to prep. […]

Photo Idea: How to Shoot the Perfect Wedding Photo in 6 Steps

Ed Greggory of Photos in Color has put together a 3 minute guide that will show you how to shoot the so-called “perfect wedding photo” in just 10 steps. We’re not sure about that “perfect” bit, but it’s a fun idea that’s worth checking out.

Why I Love Wedding Photography

Im a wedding photographer, and I love it. I dont shoot anything else and I really dont want to either. In all my career as a freelancer I have shot everything from boxing matches to restaurant interiors.

These Diablo-Themed Pre-Wedding Photos are a Cosplayers Dream

Betrothed couple Alexis Loo and Alvin Lau are passionate about the video game Diablo III. So passionate, in fact, that they hired photographer and digital artist Mezame Shashin-ka to shoot some Diablo-themed pre-wedding photos that would do their gaming passion justice.

Photographer Gets an Entire Wedding to Do the Mannequin Challenge

This might be one of those few times when the word “epic” applies. For her latest newsworthy feat, celebrity wedding photographer Suzanne Delawar managed to get an entire weddingwedding party and gueststo stand perfectly still several times for the #mannequinchallenge.

How I Became a Celebrity Wedding Photographer

I was 13 years old when I was first bitten by the photography bug, merely as a matter of happenstance. Though I wasnt completely isolated from photography, as my father was already shooting weddings at the time, he happened to need an assistant one particular day so I tagged along. After seeing what his work […]

How NOT to Photograph a Wedding as a Guest

Theres a new cringeworthy video making the rounds that shows what can happen when a wedding guests attempt at capturing the perfect photo goes very, very wrong. The Brazilian photography website Amor Pela Fotografia shared the 25-second video on its Facebook page.

Im a Wedding Photographer, and I Fell Into a Fountain with All My Gear

As wedding photographers, we often work in conditions that are far from perfect. We also often need to make decisions in a split second so the day runs smoothly for the bride and groom. Everyone of us is also afraid of doing something that may prevent us from completing the job. And unfortunately… that happened […]

The Seven-Camera GIF Rig: Taking Wedding Photography to a New Level

In the summer of 2016, I experimented with creating animated GIFs using multiple cameras. I wanted to animate a moment, frozen in time, from several angles. It wasn’t my first experience with animated sequences of images, for years I’ve been incorporating animated GIFs in my wedding, engagement, and portrait work. They have been a big […]

Wanted: Consummation Photographer

There’s boudoir photography, and then there’s… this. A reader spotted this strange “wedding photographer needed” ad posted on Craigslist by someone in Wisconsin. Apparently there’s an engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer who’s willing to double as a consummation photographer.

This Ad Has Photographers Shaking Their Heads

There’s a new “photographers wanted” ad that’s making the rounds online and causing quite a reaction from photographers. This one was apparently posted by a couple looking for wedding photographers for their upcoming wedding.

The Faded Vintage Film Look is a Lie

Two years ago, I published an article that took a lighthearted approach to making fun of the major wedding photograph image processing trends of the day. In today’s post, I will discuss the vintage film look at length.

Im a Photographer (Who Happens to Shoot Weddings)

My name is Duy Ho, and I’ve been photographing weddings since 2011. I established my style by embracing my personal interests and influences: an architecture and design background, my love of cinematography and film, a respect for classic and renaissance art, and a quirky obsession with the chiaroscuro style of painting. To further refine my […]

I Photographed My Own Wedding Day

As photographers, whether consciously or not, I think were all trying to capture moments in the way that we would like our own moments to be captured. What then are we supposed to do when its our turn to be the subject? This question troubled me as my wedding day drew closer. Who does the […]