5 Wedding Photography Tips for If Youre Just Starting Out

While I was working full-time as a wedding photographer, I was shooting around 30 to 40 weddings a year. I would spend my weekends shooting and during the week I would be editing, responding to emails, writing blog posts, and watching cat videos errm, I mean doing very important other business related stuff like making […]

wedding photography tips just starting out

2018-8-3 18:32

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Wedding Photographer Shares A Ridiculously Simple Photography Trick And The Results Are Stunning

If you haven't yet mastered the inner workings of a camera, simple photography tricks can help you a great deal. Recently, wedding photographer Mathias Fast has shared a zero-budget hack how to improve your portraits by adding reflections, and it will take every beginner's shots to a whole new level. boredpanda.com

2018-06-08 16:45

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The Seven-Camera GIF Rig: Taking Wedding Photography to a New Level

In the summer of 2016, I experimented with creating animated GIFs using multiple cameras. I wanted to animate a moment, frozen in time, from several angles. It wasn’t my first experience with animated sequences of images, for years I’ve been incorporating animated GIFs in my wedding, engagement, and portrait work. They have been a big […] petapixel.com

2017-03-15 20:35