The ‘Honest’ Styled Wedding Shoot

Saw an ad for a “Styled (Wedding) Shoots Conference.” For those of you unfamiliar with the styled shoots, it’s where models play fake brides who fake marry models playing fake grooms at a fake wedding filled with fake guests and then cut a wedding cake at a fake styled reception while photographers who have paid […]

5 of Our Top Camera Bag Picks For Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photographers. You may know one or you may be one. Regardless of your status, there is one thing about wedding photographers that’s a given; they potentially have a lot of different gear that they need to take with them to a shoot, from cameras and lenses to lighting and other accessories.

Posing Brides and Grooms: An Introduction for Photographers

“What do you envision for your photography on wedding day? Is there a particular style that comes to mind?” This is a question asked in every single wedding photography consultation with every couple interested in our wedding photography services.

The Top 50 Engagement Photos Of 2018

Photographers around the globe submitted nearly 6,000 images to Junebug Weddings' 8th annual Best of the Best Engagement Photo Contest, producing a collection of the top 50 images from the past year. Scroll down to see their amazing works for yourself!

25 Times Animals Made Wedding Pics Even Better

Wedding Photography Select curate the best wedding photos from the best wedding photographers around the world. These Excellence Awarded images are a small selection of cute and hilarious animals misbehaving during the wedding day.

25 Animals That Were The Star Of The Wedding

Wedding Photography Select curate the best wedding photos from the best wedding photographers around the world. These Excellence Awarded images are a small selection of cute and hilarious animals misbehaving during the wedding day.

Review: Profoto B1X (Sony TTL Version)

If you're a working photographer that uses studio lighting, then chances are that you've been considering a light like the Profoto B1X since first hearing about it. Profoto lights are already at the top of the game and all the studios use them, and what makes the Profoto B1X so special is the added versatility over the original Profoto B1 monolights.

The Perfect Prime Lenses For Your Party and Event Photography

As we continue our look into party and event photography kits our next stop will be talking about lightweight prime lenses. Now, prime lenses are generally not as popular in a part/event atmosphere due to many photographers in this arena preferring the versatility of zoom lenses to be able to quickly react to the party environment.

35mm vs 28mm Lenses: A Guide To Which One You Should Choose

The obvious answer to the question of 35mm vs 28mm lens choice is whatever suits you; but the issue is that sometimes photographers require input from others. The two classic focal lengths have been used by many photographers over the years to create fantastic work.

I Used to Say, “I’ll Never Do Weddings.” Then I Shot One.

The phone call was great; the groom and I had a lot in common and he sounded really excited to have me photograph the wedding. I made sure he understood I had never shot a wedding before, and that based on the budget, I would not be bringing a second shooter.


I Had An Inspiring Opportunity To Photograph Viking-Themed Wedding

Many people know or have at least heard of the TV series Vikings. This happy couple Inga and Alex got inspired by it and have decided to have a Viking themed wedding. Not just the bride and the groom were wearing unusual wedding clothes but all the guests looked like from the past too.

This is What Happens If You Don’t Hire a Wedding Photographer

We have all heard it: “save money by hiring a hobby photographer” or “my uncle got a really great camera and he will take our wedding photos for free.” I will light a candle for all of you who regret, in hindsight, that you didn’t hire a professional photographer for your wedding or special one-day […]

Top 50 Wedding Photos Of 2016

Nearly 9,000 images were submitted to Junebug Weddings 2016 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest from photographers in 50 different countries. Here's a look at the top 50 winners!


How I Gained The Trust Of My Bride To Create This Iconic Wedding Photo

Weddings are once in a lifetime. That means a wedding photographer has one chance to get amazing pictures that the bride and groom will remember forever. The day goes fast and the chances are few, so when you go for a big shot, you'd better make it happen or you’re just going to waste precious time.

15+ Of The Most Stunning Wedding Photos You’ll Ever See

The WPS Excellence Awards Only Showcase The Very Best Wedding Photos From Around The World. Over 4000 images Are Submitted & Only 5% Are Selected By Our Top Wedding Photographer Judging Panel. These Images Are Just A Small Taste From One Of WPS's Collection.