What We Hope Will Be in the Fujifilm X-Pro 3

The Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is used and loved by photographers all over the globe. The Rangefinder style camera with the excellent X-Trans III sensor is loved because of its gorgeous retro looks, it's ease of use, and the quality of the images it puts out.

Expectations are high for the Fujifilm X-Pro 3, and nothing but the best will please Fujifilm fans. A recent report suggests that the Fujifilm X-Pro 3 could hit store shelves later on this year. There's a lot riding on this release, and this is what we think it will take to really win people over. .

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2019-3-15 10:00

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Fujifilm X-Pro 3 Возможные технические характеристики

По слухам, поступившим от анонимных источников в компании Fujifilm, будущая камера Fujifilm X-Pro 3 появится в октябре 2019 года. Как всем известно, компания Sony и Fuji имеют давние отношения, датчик X-Trans, который мы видим внутри камеры Fuji X-Series, разработан инженерами Fuji совместно с Sony. photar.ru »

2019-05-26 00:03