Yashica digiFilm Camera Y35

The Yashica digiFilm Y35 is a new digital camera offering a similar shooting experience as an old film camera. Featuring a 1/3. 2"-type 14-megapixel sensor, a 35mm (eq.

) f/2. 8 lens, a built-in viewfinder and five shutter speeds, the Yashica Y35 takes different digiFilms such as "ISO400/27° Black & White" or "ISO1600/33 High-Speed Colour," and saves the resulting photos on an SD card. In other words, instead of choosing a picture style and ISO speed from a menu, as you'd do with a regular digital camera, you need to physically insert a cartridge as with a film camera.   Actually, the Yashica digiFilm Y35 does not even have an LCD screen - to change cartridges (and batteries), you need to open the rear cover, similarly to the way you would change film in an analogue camera. The only controls on the Y35 are the shutter release, a shutter speed selector and a winder (which doesn't actually advance the "film," of course, but enhances the illusion of shooting a film camera). Backers pledging HK$1,108 (US$142) or more on Kickstarter will get a Yashica digiFilm Y35 camera plus two digiFilms, whereas those pledging HK$1,248 (US$160) will get the camera and four different digiFilms. Shipments are expected to commence in April 2018.


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2017-10-11 16:00

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Yashica launches Y35 digiFilm camera that uses digital 'film' cartriges

After a number of teasers over the past few weeks, Yashica has finally launched its 'unprecedented camera' on Kickstarter: meet the Y35 digiFilm camera. The description page does not offer an awful lot of technical detail, but it looks like the Y35 is relatively simple digital camera in a retro-style body that comes with a unique feature: interchangeable digital 'film' cartridges that Yashica calls digiFilm. dpreview.com »

2017-10-10 17:35