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Kodak Scanza is a portable, budget film scanner that turns negatives into JPEGs

Kodak has launched a new budget scanner that digitizes film and slides. The scanner, called the Kodak Scanza, is compact at just 12cm x 12. 7cm (4. 7in x 5in), and features: a 3. 5-inch color screen, an integrated SD card slot for saving scanned content, adapter trays for different types of film, and an HDMI port for viewing scanned content directly on an external display. dpreview.com »

2018-1-12 19:01

For the Love of Film

Just another article about film photography? Well yes, but bear with me and hopefully you’ll see why film really does still have a place in my heart and might have a place in yours too… even when digital is such excellent quality and so convenient. petapixel.com »

2018-1-6 20:42

«Ракка» – фантастический короткометражный фильм с Сигурни Уивер

Режиссёр Нил Бломкамп давно облюбовал жанры научной фантастики и боевика. В этом же русле он снял короткометражку «Ракка» (Rakka), где главную роль исполнила легендарная сражательница с инопланетным злом – Сигурни Уивер. cameralabs.org »

2017-12-15 16:57

Фильм о жизни и работе Энсела Адамса

Для тех, кому нужно вдохновение – замечательный документальный фильм о замечательном фотографе. “Энсел Адамс: Документальный фильм” впервые показали по ТВ в 2002 году, на 100-летие со дня рождения фотографа. fototips.ru »

2017-12-14 18:41

Yashica’s Faux Film Y35 Camera Raises $1.28 Million on Kickstarter

It seems that a lot of photography enthusiasts want to shoot a stripped down digital camera with pretend film rolls. The Kickstarter campaign for Yashica’s new Y35 “DigiFilm” camera is now over, and it managed to raise a staggering HK$10,035,296 (~$1,284,559) from 6,935 supporters to bring the camera to market. Yashica, a Japanese camera brand […] petapixel.com »

2017-11-22 22:35

Xperia и режиссер Матео Уиллис снимают фильм «A World Of Wow»

Оператор-постановщик Матео Уиллис, обладатель наград Emmy и BAFTA, совместно с кинематографистами из разных стран создал фильм, полностью снятый при помощи смартфонов Xperia. prophotos.ru »

2017-11-17 13:52

How To Get The Super 16 Film Look Out Of Your Digital Camera

For many photographers who grew up using film or maybe learned their skill with film just before the rise of digital technology, film still holds a special place in their heart. If given the opportunity to use film without all the caveats that come with it these days (limited options, limited availability, sending out to a regional lab) many would choose to do so. thephoblographer.com »

2017-11-16 23:00

We Used Military Retired Kodak Film To Shoot Surrealistic Landscapes Of The Dolomites

This project was initially conceived as a game, an experiment. We are very lucky that we can call those mountains a second home, cause we’ve been there so many times, especially during winter, snowboarding on the best slopes in the Alps, and this summer we decided to try to look at these familiar places with different eyes. boredpanda.com »

2017-11-29 13:53

‘Instant Dreams’ Documentary Covers the Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of Polaroid

Instant Dreams is an upcoming documentary film about the rise, fall, and rebirth of the Polaroid photo. Here’s the 2-minute official trailer of this visually stunning film. Directed by Dutch filmmaker Willem Baptist, the 91-minute documentary will be holding its world premiere on November 18th at IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), the world’s largest […] petapixel.com »

2017-11-10 19:31

Your Hasselblad V Camera Can Shoot Fujifilm Instax Square With This Back

Hot on the heels of the Rezivot Instant Film Back Kickstarter is this brand new one: it's called the Hasselblad Square Instant Film Back. It does pretty much exactly what it says it does. The back, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter, is a plastic, 3D printed back that takes Fujifilm Instax Square film and attaches to your Hasselblad V medium format camera. thephoblographer.com »

2017-11-8 00:36