How to Master Zone Focus to Shoot Street Snaps of People

We can't stress enough how zone focus is one one of the most useful techniques in street photography, so allow us to share yet another resource to help you get the hang of it. In this video by Swedish photographer and media producer Mattias Burling, he shows us how the popular technique can be of great help to those who find photographing people out in the streets intimidating.

20 Foolproof Tips on How to Take Better Candid Portraits

First and foremost, candid portraits often require one of two things: either a lot of trust in the photographer or a really stealthy photographer that absolutely cannot be seen or heard. This is what many aspire to be: the fly on the wall.

Making the Most of a 24mm Lens for Photography

The 24mm lens: it's a classic focal length that for a very long time has been close to the hearts of many photographers. When I say many photographers, I'm really not kidding. There are great reasons why it's the wide angle of a 24-70mm lens and there are great 24mm lenses on the market that are fairly compact and high quality.

How to Create More Visually Interesting Street Photography

You've got the same fear that so many others have had: being way too afraid to take photos of people candidly on the street. I mean, what if they get angry and blow up on you? The good news is that it's not the end of the world and what you'll realize is that that moment is so small and fleeting that it won't really matter.

Review: The Hasselblad X1D for Street Photography

I like to work a scene when I'm out shooting the streets. I find a vibe or background or light or whatever that exudes life, and I drain every last drop of potential the hell out of it. In attempting to capture a split-second candid moment, it's absolutely critical that I use a camera that's quick, easy and inconspicuous.